PUBLISHED: 6:44 PM 19 Jan 2017

BOOM: Friend Of Hillary Clinton Gets Trump-Style Justice, Arrested For Threatening Trump


Friends with the Clinton family

Dominic Puopolo Jr. is not an ordinary liberal, Trump hating, crazy. We have seen enough of those come out of the woodwork that it wouldn’t be a surprise. But Puopolo is a different kind of insanity and not just because he threatened to kill President Elect Trump on Inauguration Day.

Puopolo Jr. is a close personal friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Yes, that kind of crazy.

Now Puopolo is a sadly disturbed man, make no mistake. Looking at his Tweets, where he uses the name ‘Lord Jesus Christ’ and videos he posts, it is clear he might not be mentally sound. He has good reason.

He served in the Navy, apparently quietly because there seems to be little information about that part of his life.

Financially, both he and his parents were supporters of the Clintons. According to records, “With her husband, Dominic, Mrs. Puopolo contributed significantly to the Democratic Party and was a top backer of the election efforts of former president Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.”


The whole family made donations

Puopolo himself gave $20,000 to the Democratic National Committee in 1996 as well as contributing to John Kerry and Sen. Ted Kennedy over the years. His name is seen again as a donor in 2006 when he gave $4,000 to Florida Senator Bill Nelson’s campaign.

His sister, Sonia, has even been a Hillary Clinton donor.

He told arresting officers that he is homeless. Another source says he currently lives in a run-down $60,000, one-bedroom flat in Miami Beach.

On paper, the family does have money. Property records indicate Puopolo sold a family home in Dover, Massachusetts in 2013 for $4 million. In 2004, he sold a condo in downtown Miami for $3.3 million. Despite those massive sales, Puopolo doesn’t seem to have retained much cash.

His mother and sister, both named Sonia seemed to have been especially close to Hillary. Puopolo has posted many pictures of all of them together.


Puopolo’s mother Sonia and Hillary

His mother was once a professional ballet dancer and became a major philanthropist and political donor. She died tragically, the victim of terrorists. Sonia was among 92 people on American Airlines Flight 11 on Sept. 11, 2001, when it crashed into the World Trade Center’s north tower.

She was two seats away from terrorist Mohammad Atta.

In a twist of fate, Ground Zero cleanup crews, according to sources, “recovered Sonia’s left hand with her wedding ring still attached.” The ring was given to Sonia by her husband 40 years earlier. Her family seemed to cling to this miracle.

Puopolo’s sister, Miami resident Sonia Tita Puopolo, wrote a book in 2010 about the ring called Sonia’s Ring: 11 Ways To Heal Your Heart, Miracles Do Happen. She even ended up on Ellen DeGeneres’ show to discuss it.

Hillary Clinton sat with the family at Sonia’s funeral and gave a eulogy. Puopolo mentions his mother in his online rantings sometimes.

In Miami Dom Puopolo was arrested four times for crimes since 2006, twice for petty theft and once for defrauding an innkeeper (an antiquated term indicating he walked out on a bill at a restaurant or bar).

When he was arrested in March, the judge ordered Puopolo to be represented by a tax-funded public defender after declaring him ‘indigent.’ This either confirms that he had no money or he was connected somehow and wanted to save the cost of a lawyer.

There is also some evidence he was the target of mental health court proceedings in 2016. The details are not public.

Currently he is 51 years old and was arrested on Tuesday after leaving a Washington Avenue Subway sandwich shop in Miami, about 4 p.m. This was shortly after he had posted the video threatening to kill Donald Trump. “This is the 16th of January 2017, I will be at the review/ inauguration and I will kill President Trump, President elect Trump today.”

Puopolo remains incarcerated, probably at least until the inauguration is over, on a charge of threatening to harm a public servant.

No lawyer was listed for him in court records and he is being held without bail. Puopolo admitted to officers he had posted the video.

Hopefully, Puopolo will get the mental health assistance he obviously needs. The timing of his threat is rather interesting though.

Hillary lost badly and was essentially humiliated in November, no signs of a risk from Puopolo then. Then Hillary and her supporters did everything they could to alter the outcome. We have witnessed forced recounts, violent protests, and declarations of Russian interference with the election.

None of that has had any effect on the outcome and Donald Trump will still be sworn in tomorrow. Could this be a last ditch effort by the Clintons to get to Trump somehow?


A dangerous family to get close to

This is certainly not the first time the Clinton family has been closely linked to deaths. As of July 2016, 47 Clinton “friends” are now dead. This list includes some very prominent politicians and donors. They are people who had one time supported the Clintons and then became “traitors.”

There is a lot of evidence to support the theory that becoming an enemy of the Clintons and then dying are related.

So is Dominic Puopolo Jr the latest case of being too close to a deadly family? He had clearly demonstrated mental instability. This history put him in prime position to be used for a higher purpose for the Clinton family.

It does tend to reinforce the notion; people close to the Clintons have an expiration date.