PUBLISHED: 2:03 PM 13 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 2:05 PM 13 Sep 2016

BOMBSHELL: Is Chelsea Clinton’s “Apartment” A Secret Hospital?

Clinton Leaving Her Covert Medical Center Registered In Chelsea's Name

Clinton Leaving Her Covert Medical Center Registered In Chelsea's Name

Clinton Leaving Her Covert Medical Center Registered In Chelsea’s Name

This has been an unprecedented week, so far, for Hillary Clinton. Sunday, at the 9/11 Memorial Tribute, Hillary overheated and collapsed while apparently suffering from pneumonia. Needless to say, her health has been a major issue for many years, and now apparently it is plaguing her campaign in several ways.

In fact, Hillary’s health has gotten so bad that it has forced many to research the “significance” of Chelsea Clinton’s apartment and the specific location of it, too. It has been reported that Chelsea Clinton’s apartment is actually a covert medical center that was hidden from the public for 3 years.

Now, before anyone brushes this off as a conspiracy theory, let’s analyze the facts, because they are rather telling and uncover a major hidden truth.

Hillary Clinton took an unexpected visit to her daughter’s Manhattan apartment after collapsing from pneumonia this weekend, but it wasn’t Chelsea’s apartment she actually visited. It was a secret, discreet medical facility. However, the address she was filmed entering turns out to be a secret hospital that may have treated her for a more serious neurological problem than they are telling people.

Pharmaceutical billionaire, Martin Shkreli, who lives nearby, was the first to point out that the address Hillary visited was actually home to a “health center.”

How likely is it that a Presidential candidate would be shoved unconscious by the Secret Service into a van, and then rushed off to her daughters $10.5 million dollar apartment? Does that raise any concerns?

When searching through the online profile listed above by Shkreli, one will be able to easily see that these two addresses are shared by two entities. Coincidence? Think again.

Chelsea’s apartment address is:

21 East 26th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10010

That address is shared with:

21 East 26th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Here is the video of Hillary walking out of the building with that exact address on it. It should also be noted that Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, which is contagious, and she is touching all over a child on Sunday. That is very unsanitary, but I guess Hillary was too busy hiding from the press to think about that.

Hillary’s health concerns are no longer a theory or a wild chase for something that may be untrue. This is very hard to argue against, and the timing of it all makes perfect sense, too.

Hillary Clinton suffered from a concussion in 2012, and then medical experts determined that she had a life threatening blood clot a few weeks after that in late December of 2012.

Chelsea Clinton purchased the apartment in the first months of 2013.

What a coincidence. Same address, same floor, with apparently only one apartment per floor.

Hillary Clinton is notoriously evasive about her medical history and is known for avoiding hospitals, so wouldn’t it make perfect sense for Hillary to be able to set up her own personal hospital that is hidden? She has lied about nearly everything else, so why wouldn’t she lie about this?

The theory holds true based on the facts presented; Hillary Clinton, following her injuries in late 2012, purchased this very expensive apartment in 2013 under the guise of giving it to her daughter Chelsea, while actually using it as a secret private medical facility during her presidential campaign to evade the press.

If someone disagrees with this, then tell me why a health care services company is at the exact same location and address as Chelsea Clinton’s apartment? Is Metrocare Home Services nothing more than a private clinic for Hillary Clinton to receive treatment away from the prying eyes of the media? What is Hillary Clinton and her campaign hiding from the American people?

Again, this isn’t some random apartment, either. It is worth $10.5 million, so imagine how much money the Clinton’s have lying around from their crooked Foundation that allows them to buy a covert medical center for the Clinton’s to use from time to time.

People do not buy private medical faculties, especially that costly, unless they are experiencing something very severe. She went to that much trouble to avoid detection, so what is she really hiding? The American public deserves some answers from the Clinton campaign that has been nothing less than completely dishonest and deceptive with everything and everyone.

This situation has gotten so bad that even the liberal media is starting to ask questions and run reports against Hillary’s health.

Our efforts are working. We are slowly taking down this corrupt giant, and we need to continue this valiant effort to destroy the Clinton’s for good. Not because we don’t need an ill candidate to be president, but because of how undeserving she is of the highest office in the land.

Hillary has had decades to prove herself, to be honest, trustworthy, and actually accomplish something beneficial to the American people and she has done the exact opposite. The Clinton’s have run out of karma, and it is now finally catching up to them for their years of lies and corruption. We are going to win this fight, but let’s get swinging until Election Day!

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