Bombshell Email Release

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 22 Mar 2019
UPDATED: 4:45 PM 22 Mar 2019

Bombshell! Hillary Lied Under Oath, State Dept. Helped Clinton Foundation

In a court ordered document release, classified emails show that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not only discussed establishing a “private” backchannel, which would mean she committed perjury, but she also committed the same ‘crime’ as General Flynn and emails show that the State Department did communicate with government officials concerning the Clinton Foundation.

The latest classified email dump shows a treasure trove of illegal behavior by Clinton.

Thanks to independent government watchdog, Judicial Watch, Americans were treated to a bombshell email release of heavily redacted, classified emails from Hillary Clinton’s personal (illegal) server.

The release included the former Secretary of State discussing a “private, 100% off-the-record” back channel to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hillary also engaged in the same activity that General Michael Flynn was convicted (set up by the FBI) for doing by communicating with officials before the inauguration, and the State Department was involved with the Clinton Foundation’s ‘pay-to-play’ scheme.

It also shows one of her top aides warned her that she was in “danger” of being “savaged by Jewish organizations, in the Jewish press and among the phalanx of neoconservative media” as a result of political machinations by “Bibi and the Jewish leadership.”

Fox News reported:

The 756-page group of new documents, revealed Thursday as part of a transparency lawsuit by Judicial Watch, seemingly contradicted Clinton’s insistence under oath in 2015 that she had turned over all of her sensitive work-related emails to the State Department, and included a slew of classified communications on everything from foreign policy to State Department personnel matters.

The files came from a trove of 72,000 documents the FBI recovered and turned over to the State Department in 2017.

The documents, representing a small proportion of the tens of thousands of emails still unaccounted for from Clinton’s server, also underscored the apparently significant political threat that the Obama administration felt it faced at the hands of Israel.

Additionally, according to the email dump, Clinton chatted with former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair about classified foreign policy matters before she was sworn in, aided the application of at least one State Department applicant who was connected to her daughter, Chelsea, and apparently met with Putin-aligned Georgian oligarch Bidzina Ivanishvili before he became prime minister on a staunchly pro-Russian platform — and with reported help from a Russian interference operation.

Clinton’s discussions with Blair included a classified 2011 conversation on foreign policy, and another classified, redacted 2011 conversation concerning a “speech.”

Clinton also apparently discussed job-related topics with Blair on January 16, 2009 — while George W. Bush was still president but after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had approved her for the job.

 In one email thread with the subject line “Re: Gaza,” dated January 16, 2009, Blair said he wanted to have a matter “resolved before Tuesday,” apparently referring to Obama’s inauguration.

Clinton replied: “Tony – We are finally moving and I am looking forward to talking w you as soon as I’m confirmed, tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. Your emails are very helpful so pls continue to use this address,”

Blair responded: “It would be great if we could talk before any announcements are made.”

Democrats have long criticized former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn for speaking with then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak before Trump had been inaugurated, saying the contacts may have violated an obscure 1799 law called the Logan Act, which ostensibly bars private citizens from negotiating with foreign powers on behalf of the U.S. without authorization.

The provision has never been invoked in a prosecution, and historians have suggested the law made more sense in an era without the instant communications technology that would enable a foreign power to recognize whether U.S. representatives are formally affiliated with the U.S. government.

Meanwhile, according to the documents, Retired Army Gen. Jack Keane sent Clinton a heavily redacted, classified email concerning Iraq policy, seemingly in 2009 — on a topic so urgent that Keane noted he had tried to call Clinton personally before sending it.

Thanks to recent revelations, Americans know that the Obama Justice Department also gave the Clinton Foundation a free pass on what ‘evidence’ they would provide the FBI in the ‘pay-to-play’ investigation.

Now, two email chains showed the apparently close coordination between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation, providing the first clues to the corrupt “pay-to-play” operation that effectively sold access to the Obama administration.

Fox News expanded:

In one email thread, top Clinton aides at the State Department, including Huma Abedin, coordinated a trip to Haiti with Clinton Foundation officials, including Clinton Foundation Director of Advance John Zimmerebner.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were headed to Haiti to promote the Caracol Industrial Park, a $300M project funded by U.S. taxpayers through USAID that was heavily promoted to investors by the Clinton Foundation.

Slate later called the park a “disappointment by any measure,” noting it had no discernible positive impact on Haiti’s economy and created tens of thousands fewer jobs than anticipated.

And, Clinton Foundation employee Sidney Blumenthal sent Clinton a now-heavily redacted proposal from a former CIA officer concerning improvised-explosive devices, which Blumenthal called a “terrific project.” Blumenthal told Clinton the CIA officer had been “unable to break through the bureaucracy with” the proposal.

In a classified September 2010 email exchange, Clinton adviser Lanny Davis seemingly hit on the same notes of concern as Blumenthal and offered to provide Clinton a “private and highly trusted communication line, unofficial and personal, to PM N[etanyahu]. … [N]o one on the planet (other than your wonderful husband) can get this done as well as you…”

In response, Clinton wrote, “I will reach out to you directly and hope you will continue to do the same w me. The most important issue now is [Redacted].”

But, a week later, Davis seemingly changed his mind, telling Clinton: “As soon as I wrote last email, I reverted to my old role as your crisis manager and worrier about you, read the word ‘optics’ I suddenly felt – oops. I am registered under FARA [Foreign Agents Registration Act] for one or more foreign governments or businesses. I don’t think it would look right. I want to avoid any even slight chance of misperception.”

Clinton then responded that she would tell Cheryl Mills to ‘Stand down.’

If indictments don’t follow these revelations, many people assume that Clinton will never face any music for the massive corruption, theft, and treason she committed.