PUBLISHED: 8:04 PM 15 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 8:29 PM 15 Mar 2017

Bombshell: 2nd Largest International Bank Using H1-B Program To Hire 1M Refugees Inside U.S.


Legal immigration is an important element of what America is, but so is making sure that the standard of living for citizens is not diminished due to it.

While the debate over illegal immigration can get very heated, both sides usually understand the matter at hand and do not have much of a problem telling where the battle lines are drawn at. The right wants legal migration and the left wants the whole world to be able to just stroll in as desired. What is a bit harder to talk about is legal immigration. No fair-minded person wants to see a nation where no migration occurs. Those that love America and want to “be American” have always been welcomed with open arms.

The problem is that there are a very large number of people who are loving America and that occupy the most desirable jobs and careers in the whole country. Goldman Sachs said that over ONE MILLION foreign H1-B workers are now employed at “university level” jobs currently in America.  This is not to say that anyone is racist or bigoted, just that there really is a secret push to lie about how many people are legally coming to the U.S.A. This is clear, since the government, through media mouthpieces, claims that only 85,000 H1-B visas are issued per year.


Is there a lack of Americans to hire?

This happens because, as Breitbart News points out, the H1-B program “ignores multiple other visa programs which invite foreign graduates to work in the United States.” These other temporary visas work to hire 470,000 MORE “foreign college graduates” into America. Now before anyone can call this number some right-minded conspiracy, the study and numbers come from the rather left-leaning Economic Policy Institute. If anything, the number may be even higher. The left is not known for their honesty.

Some will find instances of a 460,000 number quoted, but that number is only there because the remaining 10k usually end up receiving permanent Green Cards. That means that they end up staying for good.  These “white collar” (i.e. great paying and rewarding) visa programs all combine to about a million. However, then the total rises to 1.4 MILLION foreigners when companies hire lower/mid range workers on top of it all. Breitbart writes that these workers are not “immigrants, citizens, legal residents or green card holders,” and are to “leave after several years.”


There has got to be a balance between those coming with those who are already here, and who’s birthright is being stolen from them.

While we all want to see those that come to America flourish, are there so many decent careers in America today that we can afford to hand out decent jobs to others? Is it because our workforce is all well paid and employed? If so, that is not the America that we are seeing. Real America is seeing a terrible lack of family-sustaining jobs. It is reported that the number of jobs given to visa holders could “fill enough outsourced jobs to fully employ nearly all Americans who graduated from college with skilled degrees in 2015 and 2016.” NOT ONLY ARE WE OUTSOURCING OUR BEST JOBS, BUT WE ARE INSOURCING OUR BEST JOBS FROM OTHER NATIONS TOO!

There are about “185,000 foreign blue-collar temporary workers” in U.S. companies, while Americans beg for any work in order to keep their homes. Does America have no college educated graduates who can be hired to do the best jobs in the land? This is asked because “200,000 foreign white-collar temporary workers” were hired, too. Again, this is not race based, for millions of people of all races and creeds are native to America. Why can’t we hire Americans to fill these posts instead of hiring those from everywhere else? Do their nations hire Americans instead of their own native population? If not, are they racist for not doing so?


President Trump has promised to make sure that border has a big beautiful door but that Americans have good jobs, too.

We are not done adding yet, for we have 75,000 more foreign jobs in agriculture, since aliens must have taken everyone from the U.S. who can do any such work. It is also told that AT LEAST  “930,000 university trained guest-workers [sic] resident in the United States,” while American graduates sit in debt being denied work. That means white Americans, black Americans, women, minority citizens, etc. all get denied work in some of the best paying jobs that the nation has to offer. This is so that companies can spend a fortune giving lavish lifestyles to everyone else. Why?

After all, if someone from India or Pakistan is going to get $22 an hour, then why not pay Johnny Sixpack $22? Well, companies get government money for hiring those from distant places because it leads to a “path towards citizenship.” Meanwhile, Americans are on food stamps because they can’t get these jobs. Why can’t the government give money to every company that hires a native American or naturalized citizen?  This is also paid for by the taxpayer, so that $22 an hour is even higher by the time they leave.


Companies that the average American pays a huge percentage of what they earn to groups like Microsoft and IBM are using that money to ruin the American workforce.

This means that we ARE PAYING WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS for companies to NOT hire us. We are FUNDING companies that outsource our jobs to others and that fly others in to undercut us. We are really giving the government our money so that we can let other people in while those that were born here or that worked to be an American get the shaft. Then, if someone mentions this, that someone is called a terrible, heartless bigot.

This is an insult to every minority American who is being undercut, implying that only whites are being cheated. Wake up America, the whole nation is being cheated and NO lives matter at all to these companies. All that matters is the mighty dollar, and this not what our Constitution NOR the tenants of capitalism endorse in any way.

What matters is free money for companies, even if it means cutting the throat of the nation that made those companies so prosperous. They sell us new TV’s that they were too cheap and thoughtless to have Americans manufacture, and we just keep buying them. If this does not end soon, then even more Americans will be out of work.