PUBLISHED: 5:28 PM 2 Nov 2017

‘Blue Whale’ Blamed As Student Takes Selfie Of Teacher Before Bloodbath Suicide With Power Tool

Andrey Emelyannikov killed himself in a bloodbath after murdering his teacher, a father-of-three.

Andrey Emelyannikov killed himself in a bloodbath after murdering his teacher, a father-of-three.

Andrey Emelyannikov killed himself in a bloodbath after murdering his teacher, a father-of-three.

A student slit his teacher’s throat, took a selfie with the body and then killed himself with a circular saw in Russia amid fears it was part of an online death game. Andrey Emelyannikov died in a bloodbath in Moscow after murdering his respected 44-year-old lecturer, a father-of-three.

Gruesome pictures showed rivers of blood on the floor beside the bodies of the computer game-obsessed 18-year-old and health and safety teacher Sergei Danilov, a former army officer.

Law enforcement officers linked the killing to a variant of a rash of ‘death group’ suicides that have stricken Russia recently, often involving vulnerable and depressed teenagers who are coached online.

The best known is called Blue Whale and involves the completion of 50 tasks before the victim takes his or her own life. Hundreds of Russian teenagers have died after being involved in these sinister games, it is claimed.

Detectives believe ‘this was some kind of a game which by all characteristics remind of the Blue Whale game’, reported state-owned NTV channel which has close links to law enforcement. The game theory ‘is the main version that the investigators came up with’.

Law enforcement did not give further details on this theory and the investigation continues.

‘The murder happened during a break in classes when the student came to his teacher from behind and stabbed him with a knife to his neck,’ reported NTV. ‘Then he posed for several selfies, smirking and looking relaxed with a toothpick nonchalantly in his mouth.

He then killed himself with an electric saw, NTV said.

The student’s idol was known to be Walter Sullivan, a character from the Silent Hill computer game, a maniac and a religious fanatic, said friends. The teenager used an avatar with his character in his profile. He posted a song called November’s Doom – and pictures of the dead teacher.

A member of one forum to which Emelyannikov belonged said the hashtag he used on his social media account — where he posted the appalling pictures of his dead teacher – was 11117, referring to yesterday’s date.

He said: ‘Andrey committed his murder on 1 November 2017. He began to write this number under his posts in our group a while ago. Does it mean that he planned a murder long ago?’

Then he added this disturbing comment: ‘A couple of months ago he complained about his health and safety teacher, even saying that he would kill him sooner or later. But it is a common thing on our forum.

‘Our guys often throw out threats to kill somebody, so we don’t pay any attention.’

Students at Western Complex of Continuous Education on Gvardeiskaya Street in Moscow say the teenager had a ‘conflict’ with his teacher, and Danilov was preparing to expel him from the polytechnic.

‘Andrey spent most of his time by the computer screen. He was a big fan of computer games’, said his mother.

A girl called Margarita said: ‘We made friends online. He seemed to be a completely ordinary guy, with a good sense of humour.’

She said he had been translating a comic book called Blood Stain from English into Russian.

Mikhail Vinogradov, a psychologist and criminologist said: ‘Computer games with shooting form and develop aggression, and people who are playing such games may bring into life the scenarios of these games.’

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