GOP Wins Arizona

PUBLISHED: 3:51 PM 25 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 4:03 PM 25 Apr 2018

Blue Wave Fizzles As Republican Lesko Wins Arizona Special Election

A number of news outlets claim the narrow victory means trouble for the GOP in a018.

Lesko wins Arizona Special Election in big victory for republicans.

Republican candidate, Debbie Lesko, won the House special election in Arizona on Tuesday night, but some liberal outlets are warning the win signals a liberal feeding frenzy in November, according to Politico.

Lesko won with 53 percent compared to democrat Hiral Tipirneni, who had 47 percent of the vote. The win is important because it allows the GOP to keep control of a crucial seat in the House of Representatives. But Lesko’s single-digit victory has led to some warning about a blue wave in November. In fact, liberal media outlets are claiming the reason for the won was an influx of funds… funny how they never mention that when a democrat carries the day.

Mike Noble, a GOP pollster based in Arizona, said the close win should scare republicans to death heading into midterm elections. Noble warned that even though Lesko won, it was in a district that President Donald Trump won big in the 2016 presidential election.

The special election in the 8th Congressional District was triggered when former Rep. Trent Franks resigned amidst allegations of sexual misconduct. Republicans holding onto the seat was crucial.

Democrats need to net 24 seats in November to win back control of the House. Liberal pundits and experts predict a blue wave is coming, and that democrats could win at between 30 to 40 seats.

That would all but ensure Trump’s agenda is thwarted and likely advance measures for his impeachment. It would be a catastrophe, warns Noble.

But some also say Trump’s power and influence can’t be underestimated. The president was very vocal in directing support to energize Arizona voters to get to the polls. Using his Twitter account with more than 50 million followers, Trump can change the conversation quickly, and it likely helped push Lesko over the edge.

Lesko also received a big boost when former Arizona Republican Gov. Jan Brewer and current Gov. Doug Ducey hit the campaign trail with her. This shows that if republican voters can match the intensity and turn out from democrats, the GOP can keep control of the House in November.

It’s all about turn-out, and understanding that democrats will undo everything Trump has accomplished if they regain control of the House.

Despite doom-and-gloom from democrats, the win actually shows that republicans can still win even when history isn’t on their side.

History tells us that when one party controls the White House, they often lose many seats in off-election years, but hopefully, conservatives can make history again in 2018.

So many predict that the democrats will take back the House this year, but Trump has a way of defying history — just ask Hillary Clinton.