Bloomberg Twitter Shut Down

PUBLISHED: 7:00 PM 22 Feb 2020

Bloomberg’s Paid Twitter Accounts Being Shut Down: 70 “Field Organizers” Suspended

Bloomberg apparently thinks that his money makes him invincible and that he can manipulate social media to his advantage, along with voters.

Bloomberg's manipulations don't stop at social media, many people argue. (Source: Vanity Fair YouTube Screenshot)

In a surprising move, Twitter has announced that 70, pro-Michael Bloomberg accounts are being suspended for violation of the platform rules.

The “platform manipulation” includes posting identical content and a portion of the accounts are run by paid “deputy field organizers” for $2500 per month.

The New York Post reported:

The Los Angeles Times examined the accounts and alerted Twitter, who on Friday determined the posts violated company policy and said they would begin suspending the profiles.

One identical post shared by at least four different accounts directs users to a recent pro-Bloomberg tweet by singer Barbra Streisand.

“A President Is Born: Barbra Streisand sings Mike’s praises. Check out her tweet,” the post reads.

Twitter told The Times: “We have taken enforcement action on a group of accounts for violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam.”

The platform manipulation and spam policy that was violated was implemented by Twitter last September.

The pro-Bloomberg posts violated the policy by “creating multiple accounts to post duplicative content” and “coordinating with or compensating others to engage in artificial engagement or amplification, even if the people involved use only one account.” the company told the paper.

Bloomberg campaign spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said campaign workers and volunteers use an app called Outvote to share content with their social media networks.

The method “was not intended to mislead anyone,” said Singh.

Bloomberg’s campaign requested deputy field organizers “identify themselves as working on behalf of the Mike Bloomberg 2020 campaign on their social media accounts,” according to Singh.

Reuters reported:

The Bloomberg campaign did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Twitter said the accounts violated its platform manipulation and spam policy, which prohibits coordination among accounts to amplify or disrupt conversation by using multiple accounts.

The billionaire candidate’s campaign, which has been pouring unparalleled amounts of money into an online advertising campaign, is also hiring hundreds of digital organizers to support the candidate, including by pushing content to their own social media channels.