Yearbook Blog Removed

PUBLISHED: 4:05 PM 3 Oct 2018

Blog With Pictures Of Blasey Ford’s Yearbook Removed By Google

The blog was removed from the internet shortly after publishing photos of several yearbooks from the school where Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser previously attended.

A blog website that recently posted archived images of several yearbooks from the school where Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser previously attended was recently removed from the internet (pictured above).

Just recently, a blog website posted archived images of several yearbooks from the school where Christine Blasey Ford, who publicly accused Supreme Court Nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, attended.  

Alarmingly, though, that blog has since been mysteriously removed from the host website, which is purportedly owned by Google, a company run largely by liberals, who presumably believe that they are the new masters and as such, must protect the public from disturbing truths.

Specifically, a blog site called “The Cult of the 1st Amendment” recently archived numerous pictures of Ford’s yearbook purportedly showing that underage drinking, racism, and promiscuity were all rampant.   

For example, regarding underage drinking, one of the pictures that were posted online had a caption that stated, “lastly one cannot fail to mention the climax of the junior social scene, the party. Striving to extend our educational experience beyond the confines of the classroom, we played such intellectually stimulating games as Quarters, Mexican Dice and everyone’s favorite, Pass-Out, which usually resulted from the aforementioned two.”

By saying this, the author appeared to be claiming that the students participated in various drinking games. In addition to this, they also seemed to suggest that the underage children consumed so much alcohol that they passed out.

Regarding racism, one of the pictures in the yearbook had a caption that said, “Laurie Shiffman came as an uncanny Buckwheat, although she washed the makeup and afro before the guys showed up.”

Buckwheat, to be clear, was a character from the Little Rascals, that was played by an African American child actor. This means that saying that one of the students “washed the makeup” before others showed up suggests that they had been wearing “blackface,” which countless consider utterly racist.

Shortly after publishing the images online, though, the website was inexplicably and quite alarmingly removed from Blogspot, which was the company hosting the blog. As of now, the reason for it being taken down is unknown.

Thankfully, however, Tim Brown, who’s a writer for “The Washington Standard,” an online news outlet, has since archived the yearbook images of the woman who had accused Kavanaugh of misconduct on their site.  

Although the reason for the blog’s removal is currently unclear, it’s sadly quite common for internet companies to censor content that promotes free speech or is critical of the authoritarian left.

For example, earlier this month, MassResistance, which is a well-known pro-family website, was removed from the internet by their web hosting company, HostGator.

According to reports, they removed the site after purportedly receiving a complaint by Adam Flanders, who’s apparently not only an LGBTQ activist but also a convicted sex offender. Apparently, he targeted MassResistance because they had reported on his criminal history.

At first, the complaint involved the supposed use of copyrighted material. When this was challenged, however, the complaint changed to being about the MassResistance sharing the activist’s private information, which the owners of the site have emphatically denied doing.

Fortunately, though, the removal of the site was only temporary. After being taken down, they then promptly contacted a Christian-run web hosting company in Maine run by a so-called “fearless” Christian who’s also an ex-Marine and had their site back up and running relatively quickly.

Several months before that, Steven Crowder, a conservative commentator and comedian, was temporarily suspended from Twitter for sharing a video that showed one of his interns sneaking into an LGBTQ meetup while pretending to self-identify as a literal computer.

A few months before that, Raheem Kassam, who’s the former editor-in-chief of Breitbart News in London, England, was also suspended temporarily from the social media platform for replying to someone who had sent him messages that many would consider vile.

Specifically, the former editor for the conservative news outlet tweeted, “instruct away…I’ll happily show the court and the world that you don’t know how to mute or block a conversation that you jumped into willingly yourself. Then I will take your money for vexatious claims. Then my lawyers will make you pay their fees.”

His tweet, to clarify, was directed at a female Twitter user after she purportedly published a tweet threatening to “instruct” her lawyer to basically sue him for tagging her in tweets.

Prior to that, David Clarke, who’s the former sheriff of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a well-known Trump supporter, had been temporarily suspended by Twitter as well after he, quite understandably, published several tweets bashing the liberal media as a bunch of liars.  

He also shared a photoshopped image of himself with President Donald Trump and someone with a CNN logo instead of a head, in which the president could be seen holding the person with the news outlet’s head while Sheriff Clarke violently kicked the same individual in the face.

And before that, the Facebook page belonging to a ministry led by Pastor Rich Penkoski that’s based in West Virginia was removed from the social media platform for supposedly posting content that violated their “Terms of Use” agreement.

While speaking to reporters, though, Penkoski insisted they were simply expressing their religious views and added that they never shared anything inappropriate on their page.