PUBLISHED: 10:20 PM 18 Dec 2017

BLM Urges Followers To Act As “Root Cause” Identified Amid Shocking Call

Melina Abdullah is a professor at California State University and is commited to her racist ideology. She is calling for a boycott against white businesses and promotes radical leftist and racist views with her radio interviews.

Melina Abdullah is a professor at California State University and is commited to her racist ideology. She is calling for a boycott against white businesses and promotes radical leftist and racist views with her radio interviews.

Radial leftists organization are doing their part to make sure even the holidays in the United States are no longer upheld.  Groups like Black Lives Matters and ANTIFA are nothing more than propagandized outlets for radical leftists to spew hate and actual bigotry onto others.  Now Black Lives Matters is taking the fight to Christmas. They have asked their supporters to attack “White Capitalism” by boycotting white businesses for holiday purchases.

This kind of reverse racism is the exact problem that is causing so much racial strife in the nation today.  The very idea that there is no such thing to reverse racism is just about as offensive as someone saying that racism does not exist.  This kind of dialogue is not beneficial to anyone.  One side is simply stating that only certain people can feel discriminated and the other is forced to bite their tongues because of leftist media control.

Black Lives Matters went so far as to promote a racial discrimination website on their own website by calling for their supporters to engage in racism against white businesses.  There is nothing that says someone can not protest against a business if they want to, but to solely organize a protest simply because the businesses are owned by white people is just racist.

They dress up in fancy clothes and meet their friends using their expensive phones. However, they act like heroes when in fact they are nothing more than pawns in the eyes of those who direct them. While they chant about how evil America is, Africans are being rounded up for slavery by Muslim overlords.

Those responsible for the radical approach to Christmas shopping are also calling for attacks on capitalism.  They say that white history and capitalism are linked, therefore capitalism must be evil because all white history is evil to them.  There is a problem however as none of the organizers have donated their massive salaries or their cars to people in Africa or Central Asia who might need them.

Because capitalism is so evil then those who have benefited from the system must also be evil in the eyes of the Black Lives Matter organizers like Melina Abdullah, who is a professor at California State University.  She is actively informing students that the system that makes the world’s economy go round is evil and therefore needs to be done away with.  Americans always knew that Communists infiltrate through the universities, but never as openly as Abdullah.

Black Lives Matters benefits greatly from capitalism as their status as a non-profit encourages others with disposable incomes to donate generously.  There are rumors that they have also been the recipients of government handouts in the form of donations given by progressive liberals within key positions.

Thanks to the Marxist policies of Obama and Hillary, Libya has turned into a failed state and Islamic conquerors are once again rounding up slaves to sell at a profit. This is condoned and encouraged in Islam as non-Muslims are seen as sub-humans. Liberals in the west are nothing but dramatic hypocrites.

Furthermore, Black Lives Matter claims to be opposed to systematic oppression, especially against minorities and yet they have not lifted a finger to help or even notice that the international slave trade has been revived. It has never stopped, but today, open slave markets continue without compunction.  With Libyan President Muammar al-Gaddafi’s death occurring due to the failure of the Obama administration, the country is in turmoil and the Africans are being sold by Muslims once again.

This market has been around since the dawn of time as slavery has been a part of, and has affected, every culture across the globe.  European and American scholars fought hard for the idea of abolition and strode to ensure that it was removed from Western society.

Black Lives Matter has done nothing to curb this growing trend.  They claim that the lives matter only when it is convenient for them to gain publicity, but when it comes to actual causes affecting real people across the globe, they are silent.  They reveal themselves as nothing more than stooges set up by larger forces to stir up emotion about race within the United States and radicalize those who listen to them.

This is a growing trend taking place in higher education as many students arrive with open minds but are then lied to and deceived by their superiors, becoming radicalized. Professors like Abdullah should be investigated for her ties to extremism.

Here the Marxists used Black Lives Matter to make others think that because white history and capitalism formed together then therefore they are both bad when that is plainly not the case.

However, no matter how much people try to abuse Christmas and attack it, there will always be the spirit of Christmas that reminds those who are listening about what it is all about.  It is not about businesses or material goods, not about Capitalism and Marxism but it is about peace on earth and goodwill towards men.  Being good in the face of unrelenting evil.  That is why the spirit will endure long after the last attack on Christmas takes place.