BLM Targets Church

PUBLISHED: 4:56 PM 8 Jul 2020

BLM Goes After Church Worshipers, Harasses Children Both Black And White

Wait… what has the church got to do with police brutality? And what have these children done?

This is wrong. (Source: Next News Network YouTube Screenshot)

On Sunday, parishioners at Grace Baptist Church, both black and white, were harassed and physically assaulted by members of ‘Black Lives Matter,’ a militant arm of the democrat party which some experts refer to as domestic terrorists.

The Daily Wire reported:

The protesters, repeatedly shouting “Black Lives Matter,” even harassed and blocked churchgoers while they were with their young children, using a megaphone to scream at the families, shaming and threatening their parents with calls to CPS, or Child Protective Services.

The assaults, harassment, and protesting have been occurring since at least the end of June, according to the viral videos posted online. The church has refused to close or back down, directing men from the parish to help escort fellow worshipers inside as they are blocked by BLM protesters.

Grace Baptist Church made headlines last month for giving away an AR-15 as a prize for a church raffle. When the giveaway was first reported, Pastor John Koletas told WNYT that the church held it in solidarity with hunters and gun owners who have been “viciously attacked by anti-Christian socialist policies.” One local critic told WRGB at the time that the giveaway exhibited “extreme poor taste,” citing “all of the shootings going on in all of our communities.”

However, it’s unclear if the gun-giveaway is connected to the protests shown in the videos. In the videos, protesters slam the church as “racist” but do not appear to mention the AR-15 giveaway.

In one of the videos, protesters storm the church and repeatedly chant “Black Lives Matter” and a near-fight breaks out. Additionally, one of the protesters yells at a churchgoer, “f*** you.” He responds by saying “Jesus loves you.” The protester replies by telling the man Jesus doesn’t love him.

In other footage, mostly black churchgoers are shamed and screamed at by protesters as they walk into the church. One female protester yells at a black parishioner, “You should be ashamed, sister.”

A young white mother with three kids is also harassed as she tries to enter Grace Baptist. The mother is seen trying to console one of her young sons as he is visibly upset and scared, trying to leave the area.

At one encounter, a churchgoer attempts to go up the steps into Grace Baptist but is held back and physically assaulted by protesters. The pastor of the church gets involved to save the man, who is grossly outnumbered.

The pastor was apparently assaulted during the scuffle, as one protester taunts, “How’s your head feel, pastor?” The pastor was also called “soft” and a “p****.”

“Stop hiding behind your godd*mn religion,” another protester shouted. “This church is racist,” screamed another.

As for the church, Grace Baptist is not backing down.

A Twitter account for the church posted a video of one of the pastors vowing to continue on, refusing to change his messaging or being scared away by the novel coronavirus or the “mob.”

“We will NEVER apologize to the mob!” the video, posted on Monday, is captioned (view below).

“It’s not my fault for preaching the same thing we’ve preached for 33 years,” the pastor says. “It’s not my fault everybody wants to put it online, I don’t care. They can shut us down. I ain’t changing my preaching because we’re [online].”

WATCH the violent protesting, below:

These young children were more mature than the thugs berating them and their mother as they walked into church.

Hear as pastor asks them multiple to stop blocking the church entrance.
GBC men form a line to protect children.

— Grace Baptist Church (@realgbctroyny) July 3, 2020

attendees to
Grace Baptist Church
in TROY. NY had to be
escorted in and out of
church today as they were
berated by #BLM protestors:
take a hard look at this ——>

— Kevin McCashion 🇺🇸 (@Kevin_McCashion) June 29, 2020

We will never back down from wickedness in Troy, NY!

— Grace Baptist Church (@realgbctroyny) June 28, 2020

Christians at Grace Baptist Church in Troy, NY we’re gathering to worship Sunday when BLM stormed their sanctuary and took over their church.

Violent BLM members stopped the service and assaulted the peaceful Christians verbally and physically.

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) July 6, 2020

Why is the mob beating church members in Troy, NY for trying to enter church and escort black members through the mob?

“No justice, no peace”
“Peaceful protest”

— Grace Baptist Church (@realgbctroyny) July 3, 2020

WATCH the response from Grace Baptist:

We will NEVER apologize to the mob!

— Grace Baptist Church (@realgbctroyny) July 6, 2020