Black Lives Matters Block Train

PUBLISHED: 8:37 PM 5 Feb 2018

Black Lives Matter Group Shuts Down Train, Super Bowl Fans Blocked For 2 Hours

Apparently the poor black millionaires in the NFL are being exploited if this group is believed.

Black Lives Matter shut down a number of roads and public transport systems in their demonstrations to protest the NFL.

The NFL has staged an odd war against the people of the United States. For the past two years, the football organization has used its pulpit cast a political aura around its brand.

 Now, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) group decided to protest the championship game in Minneapolis. Many vital roadways and transit systems were shutdown for two hours, preventing travel to the Super Bowl. Protesters wore black jerseys reading “You can’t play with Black Lives.” 

Just hours before the start of the game, light rails and roads were being shut down. Protestors began blocking the paths of rail trains and other vehicles.

Chaining themselves to fences or standing on critical tracks, several protestors were able to block traffic in and out of the area. As people from across the nation flooded the city to witness Super Bowl 52, many became trapped in traffic leading up to the start of the game.

Several rail lines around the Minneapolis and St. Paul region experienced closures. The blue and green lines were offering discounted rides to passengers who held tickets to the championship game.

A spokesperson for the transit authority had assured reporters that busses were made available to some passengers trapped by the protests. Some protestors allege they were denied access to public transportation without a Super Bowl ticket.

Venturing out into the single-digit weather, advocates for the Black Lives Matter Movement disrupted the actions of the NFL and their supporters. Taking a knee in solidarity, the NFL has allowed many players to present their own protest before the games.

Players have waned in support of kneeling during the national anthem. After the president had made it a point to call out particular teams and players not showing respect for the country, many Americans could no longer turn to football as an escape from politics.

The fall out has been so severe, the organization has had to accommodate major changes to staffing and budgets. Seeing the lowest ratings in years, the decline in sales of merchandise and brand goods has hurt the National Football League.

Although all players of both teams stood for the national anthem last night, the commercials screened by the company has drawn controversy.

The sports organization declined to air ads asking people to stand for the troops. The NFL, however, seemed more than happy to run ads provoking animosity towards the policies of the president.

The halftime show with Justin Timberlake started out with the repeating of the line, “Haters goin’ call it fake.” An odd way to start a show highlighted by an amazing use of lights and lasers.

Drawing the image of fake news, the NFL endorsed halftime show suggests facts can be disproven with emotion.

The NFL works as hard as the mainstream media companies in the effort to slander the president of the United States. In an effort to discredit the evil racist president, the NFL has continued to resist the leader of the free world.

BLM movement took advantage of the heightened publicity of the Super Bowl and took the fight against the president to the streets. Facing single digit weather, many protestors took it upon themselves to protest one of their biggest advocates.

The NFL permitted the protests to go so far as to block the entrance of gate three in the U.S. Bank Stadium.

Linked arm in arm, it took police over two hours to disperse protestors blocking rail lines and traffic ways. At least 17 people have been arrested for their demonstrations.

Setting up multiple protests around the city on Sunday, groups were raising awareness of police brutality and wealth inequality.

Organizers claimed they wanted to take the chance to stand with the players who have knelt for the past two seasons. Since Colin Kaepernick first knelt in 2016, many players have since followed.

The former player for San Francisco claimed he did it to raise awareness of police brutality. The message has since been lost and many players are unable to articulate a reason for the protest.

The condemnation from the president and the wavering support from the fans has enticed a few teams to ban kneeling. Trying to show respect for the troops and the flag, many players have made a pronounced statement to stand during the national anthem.