PUBLISHED: 4:38 PM 1 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 4:44 PM 1 Dec 2017

Black Lives Matter Chapter DEMANDS Apology As Aftermath Of Police Training Reviewed

BLM chapter president Micajah Daniels says the police were intimidating.

BLM chapter president Micajah Daniels says the police were intimidating.

A Las Vegas, NV chapter of Black Lives Matter is outraged and demanding an apology after an incident at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) campus earlier this week.

North Las Vegas police officers on motorcycles entered the UNLV campus shortly after a BLM meeting had just ended. The police department states that is was a training exercise, something they conduct regularly to prepare for emergencies at the university.

The scene, caught on video, showed approximately six uniformed officers riding through the area on their motorcycles. This is when BLM chapter president Micajah Daniels said everything got tense;

“We saw the police officers there doing circles, staring at us. For them to be staring at us the way they were, revving their engines and going through a space that was ours, that it very intimidating. They didn’t say anything to us, they just came and took over our space as it was theirs.”

The whole incident is being portrayed as a menacing scene. The BLM group and now the president of the university are calling for an apology. President Len Jessup sent a letter to the police department stating that they entered campus  “without notifying” officials and that their actions were “unacceptable.”

The police department has responded, refusing to apologize because they didn’t do anything wrong. Officer Aaron Patty, a spokesman stated they were training new motorcycle officers;

“It is never our intent to offend or to intimidate anybody. The instructors wanted to put the student in a situation where they could maneuver challenging spots at a very low speed.”

The members of the group are assuming that the police were there to intimidate them. Even the local media has taken a “spin” that it was a “message” from the police. One outlet wrote;

“Were cops trying to send a message or was it just a big misunderstanding? North Las Vegas police and UNLV students with Black Lives Matter on Tuesday night were briefly locked in some tense moments.”

So far the police are holding strong to their stance that they have nothing to apologize for. Local pressure is mounting though.

Source: KTNV