Illegal Immigrants Complain

PUBLISHED: 11:38 PM 28 Feb 2018

Black Illegal Immigrants Storm The Capitol

They blame President Trump for their problems.

A group of black illegal immigrants demonstrated on Capitol Hill. They blame President Trump for their problems.

A group of black illegal immigrants, the UndocBlack Network, stormed Capitol Tuesday complaining that President Trump that was keeping them down. One group leader exclaimed against the president’s “White Supremacist wish list.”

“Cutting family-based immigration — they want to call it chain migration — don’t use those words please — it’s their words because it’s really a little bit of a wink and a nod to the White Supremacist,” speaker Judith Browne Dianis said.

Divisive politics have become the norm among the left. Barack Obama didn’t foster unity, just the opposite. Black illegal immigrants aren’t discriminated against any more than white ones are. President Trump is concerned with all illegals, skin color has absolutely nothing to do with it.

“In exchange for DACA this administration wants to push forward its White Supremacist wish list, which is getting a border wall that Mexico ain’t paying for and I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for it also,” Dianis, executive director of the national office of the Advancement Project, said during the demonstrations.

The supposed wish list includes, “eliminating due process protections for unaccompanied minors and asylum seekers and eliminating diversity visa programs.”

Modern illegals are even more entitled than Millennials. They’ve come to believe that the law doesn’t apply to them and they have a right to be in the country. Tuesday’s panel included a host of illustrious black intellectuals and political figures like Tamika Mallory, co-president of the Women’s March, and Kirsten John Foy, director of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network in the Northeast Region.

It’s a lot of star power for a pointless cause. Do they expect the president to not only protect illegals but draft special protections for black illegals? Democrats’ views are marred because they see everything through the lens of race.

The panelists had a lot of demands. They insisted Congress legitimize the Dreamers and file protections for their families.

“The U.S. was built on the backs of my people through the slave trade,” Melanie Campell, president and CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civil Participation, said.

“And also this country continues to be built on the backs of immigrant people… So when this president talks about make America great again, he’s talking about make America white again.”

The panel’s speakers were deliberately incendiary. They seemed to delight in bashing President Trump and sowing dissent. Why? Liberals have been trying desperately to prove that the president is racist. They have no evidence for their theory, but they’re still spouting it.

The panelists also took the opportunity to go to bat for the Dreamers, undocumented migrants who were brought to the U.S. by their parents while still underage.

“We are focused like a laser on a clean Dream Act,” Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) said.

“They will want to trade off our humanity, our human dignity in order to make sure that we are able to maintain the status of our dreamers and to give them a pathway to citizenship… That is non-negotiable.”

Black Americans are doing better after one year of President Trump than eight years with Barack Obama. The Democrats social theories don’t work. Low-income Americans need access to better jobs, not more failed social programs funded by taxpayers.

The economic gains created by the Trump administration are already changing lives. Black unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded. Yet angry liberals are still insisting that the president is racist.

A poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research this week found that: “Fifty-seven percent of all adults, including more than 8 in 10 blacks, three-quarters of Hispanics and nearly half of whites, said they think Trump is racist. Eighty-five percent of Democrats consider Trump racist, but just 21 percent of Republicans agree.”

Those numbers are striking. Groups like the UndocBlock network are promoting misinformation. That’s why so many Democrats believe that President Trump is racist. 85 percent to 21 percent is a huge difference, it can’t be explained away by ideology. One side has to be wrong.

Democrats need to start working to keep the country together. Their divisive comments are causing real damage.

Black illegal immigrants don’t need a special platform. Rules affecting all illegals will affect them as well. Giving platforms to minority illegal groups fosters a sense of separateness rather than inclusivity.