Man Beats Women

PUBLISHED: 4:53 PM 17 Jul 2019

Biological Man Beats Women Weightlifters, Taking Two Golds

In a not surprising turn of events, a biological male has “crushed” the real female competition in the 2019 Pacific Games.

This is just wrong.

Although to anyone with even half a brain this isn’t a surprise, a biological man has beaten a group of female competitors in the 2019 Pacific Games, taking two gold medals from the other contenders.

Breitbart News reported:

A transgender weightlifter has swept the women’s categories in the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa, winning two gold medals over natural-born female opponents.

Laurel Hubbard has once again crushed natural-born female opponents winning two gold medals and a silver in three heavyweight categories for women at the games, according to the Washington Times.

Hubbard defeated Samoa’s Feagaiga Stowers, who won the gold last year when Hubbard pulled out due to an injury.

Born as Gavin Hubbard, the 41-year-old weightlifter has cut a wide swath through female weightlifting after transitioning [aka suddenly deciding to be a woman] as a transgender woman six years ago. The only hiccup in Hubbard’s domination of the sport was an elbow injury during last year’s Commonwealth Games.

Hubbard’s continued gains in the Pacific region may have served to spur the leading U.S. weightlifting association to ban men transitioning to females from competing against natural-born women.

This year, USA Powerlifting delegates voted 46 to 4 to keep a previous policy banning transgender participation amid pressure from well-funded transgender athletes to reverse the ban.

Such ‘competitions’ are a complete farce.

This is a MAN… so what, if he beats a group of biologically DIFFERENT women?

It’s funny, but I can’t think of a SINGLE trans ‘man’ (biological female) who competes against other men.

So, that would logically mean that these trans ‘women’ are simply doing this to get the notoriety and victories they apparently crave.