UK Bio-Terror Threat

PUBLISHED: 9:50 PM 6 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 9:51 PM 6 Mar 2018

Bio-Terrorism Threat Looms, Poison Labs In UK

Anthrax or ricin poisoning could be devastating.

Terrorism could be heading in the direction of bio-chemical attacks.

As some Islamists who have meandered into the United Kingdom hole away in Sharia Law infested “no-go zones,” there are still some people who feel that they should be allowed to do so as a freedom of religion matter. While such arguments sound good on paper, the problem is that there is no “freedom to plot against a hosting nation” right, and those are the kinds of schemes being hatched by many who dwell in such places.

England’s M15believes Islamic State fanatics back from Iraq and Syria are attempting to make deadly ricin and anthrax,” for instance, according to the Daily Star. While just “basic scientific knowledge” is all that is required to make these deadly agents, pulling off the feat unobserved and/or unreported is much easier when non-radicals are unwelcomed in whole areas where ISIS and groups like them may be plotting.

The fear is that terrorists will “poison food in supermarkets or contaminate water supplies,” the outcome of which could be catastrophic for those to whom the chemicals come in contact with.

Worse still, many leading experts feel that Great Britain is in no way prepared for such attack, should it happen.

The footprint of left by allowing so many Muslims into the U.K. without proper vetting is being seen as continuing plots are foiled each month by agencies and law enforcement there.

Already, white powder (indicative of anthrax) was sent “to Kensington Palace,” an act against “Prince Harry and his wife-to-be Meghan Markle” that delivered quite a scare to everyone nearby. In that case, thankfully, only a hoax substance was used.

A person who the Daily Star calls only as “a source” has admitted that “We know that al-Qaida terrorists have tried to manufacture ricin in the U.K. in the past. We now suspect members of IS based in the U.K. are attempting to do the same. The use of chemical and biological weapons by Islamic State is a threat which is being treated very seriously.

Why were these concerns not heeded before so many Islamists were permitted entry?

Many voters feel that it was by design and that is one of the main reasons why the Brexit took place. However, the departure may have come too late to prevent the damage already caused by E.U. leader, Merkel’s policies.

Underscoring this, the same source said, “These are weapons which are relatively easy to manufacture but can have deadly consequences. We know that British citizens who fought with IS in Iraq and Syria were trained in a number of terrorist tactics including the development of basic bio-weapons.”

Just as some foreigners abuse the freedom to worship as they wish, some citizens of England abuse their right to free travel and actually aim to help many of the terrorists who were already allowed into the nation. Combined, these two problems could end the lives of countless people if just one threat (which was allowed in, at least in part) is overlooked by authorities.

All the while, the rights of citizens are being destroyed because law enforcement feels the PC need to target everyone from grandmothers to nursing home patients instead of focusing on known hot spots for terror.

If the English do not address this issue head-on and, perhaps, in a way that may not be politically correct, the death toll that may arise will be the fault of the leaders, not the people.

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