Bin Laden Welfare

PUBLISHED: 9:28 PM 26 Apr 2018

Bin Laden Bodyguard Collects Welfare

He is collecting over $1,400 a month from citizen taxpayers.

Naturally, the news of the financial support this man has been receiving from the German government caused an instant storm in the European nation.

According to The Washington Post, the German government has been giving a man once believed to be Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard about $1,429 monthly welfare payments in taxpayers’ money.

The man in question is 42-year-old Sami A., who reportedly trained in one of the terrorist camps of the former Al Qaeda’s leader.

Apparently, German officials are withholding his real name due to certain privacy law stipulations. The Post reported this man has lived in Germany since the year 1997.

While Sami A. has repeatedly denied being connected with the terrorist organization, different courts consider him a fellow traveler with the Islamist group.

As a matter of fact, his asylum request was denied ten years ago after a court in Münster called him an acute and considerable danger to the nation’s public security.

The news of the welfare payments this man is receiving from the German government came to light after the government of North Rhine-Westphalia confirmed it to the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD), which is the famous right-wing group opposed to most of the country’s loose immigration policies.

In a press statement, AfD said that what fate awaits Sami A. in Tunisia is not the problem of the German taxpayers.

In addition, the statement said that it isn’t acceptable to protect and financially equip an Islamist to feed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens while less remains for the German people. However, AfD pointed out this scenario definitely suits Chancellor Angela Merkel’s vision for Germany.

Naturally, the news of the financial support this man has been receiving from the German government caused an instant storm in the European nation.

The budget chief of Merkel’s ruling party CDU named Eckhardt Rehberg said that the German asylum law has been shamelessly exploited in this case.

In addition, he pointed out that the fact that Germany is financing a terrorist with tax money because the country cannot deport him represents an insane court ruling.

Despite the fact that security services still consider Sami A. to be a dangerous and a central figure of the Islamist scene in Germany, it seems he will remain in the county indefinitely considering that no other nation has shown willingness to take in the Tunisian.

A security source told local media that that security services have had him under observation since at least 2006.

In addition, this person explained that the fact that such a man is allowed to stay in Germany represents a punch in the face to all anti-terror investigators. After all, the security source claimed that Sami A. protected the most wanted man in the world and now they are treating him with “kid gloves.”

While the ban on deportations to Tunisia was lifted two years ago, German officials still feel that such a close ally of Osama Bin Laden would probably run the risk of imprisonment, torture, and death.

As the Conservative Daily Post reported in a previous article, the AfD was created partially as a response to Germany’s lax rules governing immigration.

In August 2017, different media outlets reported that the number of people who were either born to foreign parents or are immigrants themselves reached 18.6 million in the year 2016.

This incredible figure, which makes up 22.5 percent of the total population, is the highest since the agency started recording demographic levels 13 years ago.

Different studies explained that the increase is largely attributed to the migrant crisis, which brought more than one million people to this European country over the past two years.

Apparently, citizens of some other European countries still make up the largest source of immigration in Germany. About half of those with an immigration background –which represent 52 percent- have German citizenship.

Local media outlets reported that the number of people with roots in the Middle East has gone up to 51 percent since the year 2011, and now stands at 2.3 million.

On the other hand, people with African heritage have increased 46 percent during the same time span to reach almost 750,000.

Different reports pointed out that Sami A. came to Germany as a student in 1997. before opting to become a jihadist and traveling to Afghanistan where he trained in a terror camp before becoming Bin Laden’s bodyguard.

While legal analysts thought he was going to get deported, the Supreme Court blocked this possibility. SO, Germans will continue to pay to support a ‘former’ terrorist.