Hillary Slammed

PUBLISHED: 7:11 PM 10 Oct 2018

Bill Clinton’s Accuser Calls Out Former First Lady On Twitter

Juanita Broaddrick said that her case was never litigated, but she is looking to change that.

Hillary Clinton (pictured) skewed the truth and was called out online by one of her husband's alleged victims.

(NOTE: Broaddrick’s tweets have had spaces added by the author for purposes of readability. Twitter allows only limited characters. The original tweets are posted below intact.)

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, addressed her support of all things “MeToo,” while being married to a suspected rapist. However, her answer only angered one alleged victim, Juanita Broaddrick.

As the Daily Daller wrote, when the former candidate said that the allegations against President Donald Trump were “far different” than the ones faced by Bill Clinton, Broaddrick had a few responses to the “lying hypocrite” and the “partisan claims.”

Well, there’s a very significant difference and that is the intense, long-lasting, partisan investigation that was conducted in the 90s,” Mrs. Clinton reportedly claimed on CNN. “If the Republicans, starting with President Trump on down want a comparison, they should welcome such an investigation themselves.”

Broaddrick became clearly livid and tweeted, “YOU LYING HYPOCRITE. My case was NEVER litigated!! That’s why I’m calling for an investigation now. IF I CAN GET 100k signatures, the WORLD will KNOW IT, Hillary. THEN where will you hide?

The suspected rape victim was referring to a Change.org petition (which gives the option to sign “here“) “that will receive a White House response if it reaches 100,000 signatures.” Considering that fact that many people in the U.S. feel that former U.S. President Bill Clinton has been hiding from his crimes, many talking heads feel that the number will be reached with ease.

Unlike some accusers, Broaddrick is not ambiguous about dates, times, locations, or the year. Rather, she is steadfast in her unchanging story.

She even tweeted, “IMPORTANT. Please sign and get everyone you know to sign. [sic] ITS TIME TO INVESTIGATES BILL CLINTON SEX CRIMES that were NEVER LITIGATED.”

In another tweet, she implored Twitter users to “PLEASE SIGN: Thanks,” and listed the petition link.

Not only is Broaddrick neither weak nor intimidated, she wrote, “Hillary Clinton does not know when to SHUT UP….and that’s a good thing. She [sic] keep the fire in me raging,” as well. This explains her drive and passion, as some pundits see it.

The petition lays out her case and says, “This petition is important because Bill Clinton continues to receive federal benefits. No criminal investigation has ever been conducted into Bill Clinton’s sex crimes. We believe this warrants a federal investigation because the crimes may have occurred across state lines.

It also reads, “We demand an investigation into the rape of Juanita Broaddrick. Additionally, these may constitute civil rights violations because women specifically were targeted.” The latter part of her petition is something that is usually openly embraced by many groups on the left, yet many of them have been absent from this debate.

The much-hyped CNN interview with Mrs. Clinton had once again put the questions regarding what Mr. Clinton did to Ms. Broaddrick in the headlines. Those who desired to see now-Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh investigated should, according to some people, be thrilled by this fact.