PUBLISHED: 2:07 PM 1 Feb 2017

Bill 54: California To Become Sanctuary State, All Law Enforcement Barred From Schools And Hospitals


Democrat State Senators in California have amended and are expediting legislation to declare the state of California as a sanctuary state. The Democrats are rushing to push an amended Senate Bill 54, in response to President Trump’s executive order and to protect their large, undocumented immigrant population.

President Trump drafted Executive Order 13768, known as ‘Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States’ last week. The order states that sanctuary jurisdictions unwilling to comply with the law will not be eligible to receive federal grants.

Unable to envision complying with the law, Democrat lawmakers put together an amendment to an existing bill, in a week, to create an act designed to fight against President Trump’s zero-tolerance for “aliens unlawfully present in the United States.”

The California Values Act, also known as the new, amended chapter 17.25 of Senate bill 54, was created by Kevin de León, President pro tempore of the California Senate. De León testified for Senate bill 54 at the California’s state Capitol yesterday.

The California Values Act starts by stating that “immigrants are valuable and essential members of the California community.”

It goes on to state that, “a relationship of trust between California’s immigrant community and state and local agencies is central to the public safety of the people of California.”

Chapter (c) of the amendment states, “This trust is threatened when state and local agencies are entangled with federal immigration enforcement, with the result that immigrant community members fear approaching police when they are victims of, and witnesses to, crimes, seeking basic health services, or attending school, to the detriment of public safety and the well-being of all Californians.”

The biggest argument California lawmakers supporting the bill makes is that immigrants and aliens will be afraid to approach police when they are victims of crimes or witness crimes. The lawmakers go on with their disregard for the safety of their American citizens by arguing the immigrants and aliens fear of going to hospitals or going to school is a state-wide issue.

The California Values Act proposes that ‘immigration enforcement’ and ‘federal immigration authority’ not be allowed to enter these places such as hospitals or schools to make the immigrants and aliens feel safe. It seems as though the lawmakers have either forgotten or don’t care about the unfortunate incident of Kate Steinle, a woman who was shot to death by an undocumented immigrant at a San Francisco pier.

Kate Steinle was brutally shot at a San Francis pier by an undocumented immigrant.

Kate Steinle was brutally shot at a San Francis pier by an undocumented immigrant.

Steinle’s distraught family sued the city of San Francisco, but the case was dismissed in court because of the ruling that San Francisco cannot be sued over its sanctuary policy. The reality that incidents similar those of Steinle and the city of San Francisco is that it can happen again. Cities with high crime such as San Francisco, no one is sure how many crimes are committed by undocumented immigrants.

The Democratic legislatures of California have chosen to protect the interest, safety and feelings of their alien population rather than its American citizens. Supporters of the California Values Act seek to “ensure effective policing, to protect the safety, well-being, and constitutional rights of the people of California.” However, this act may simply come down to dollars and cents.

Sanctuary cities are big business. They are typically located in states and cities that receives a hefty portion of federal grant money because of its population as well as land size. According to a report by Fox Business, California receives the biggest share of federal money, with more than a third of a trillion dollars. Now imagine if California became a sanctuary state, a third of a trillion dollars would go towards California’s social programs that benefit the large population of aliens and undocumented immigrants.

President Trump’s executive order threatens to cut off the sanctuary city money supply. However, this is only if they choose not to comply with the law. Cory Salzillo, legislative director of the California State Sheriffs Association, expressed concern yesterday, at the California Values Act hearing, that the act will limit cooperation with California local and state police.

President Trump signed an order to withdraw some federal grant money from sanctuary cities. Mayors from cities like Miami, immediately called for a city-wide compliance with President Trump’s order. Mayors of sanctuary cities like Sacramento and San Francisco, of course, have taken action in defiance of Trump’s executive orders. San Francisco officials filed a lawsuit in federal court against President Trump yesterday.

Dennis Herrera, a San Francisco city attorney, is suing President Trump, claiming his executive order to withdraw federal grant money from sanctuary jurisdictions is “unconstitutional”.

San Francisco is a sanctuary city that receives an estimated $1.2 billion a year in federal funding. A city attorney, in support of the suit, argues Trump’s executive order is “unconstitutional” and that Trump’s administration is trying to intimidate local government officials to gut their current sanctuary policies.

Not all California State Senators are on board with the senate bill amendment. Republican Senator Jeff Stone, preceding over California’s 28th district, voted against the amendment.

“I think this bill is making it that much more difficult for the federal authorities to get the most dangerous criminals that we want to deport to keep our communities safe,” said Stone.

Trump’s executive order also calls for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement to hire 10,000 additional immigration officers to perform law enforcement duties.

Democratic state legislatures are not refusing to comply with The President’s orders but will soon come into conflicts with its California state police forces and immigration officials hired to actually protect citizens.