Bikers 4 Trump Showed up to Stop Leftists from intimidating peaceful supporters of Kid Rock

Bikers 4 Trump Showed up to Stop Leftists from intimidating peaceful supporters of Kid Rock

Kid Rock has only just begun to fight for his Senate seat but his fans and supporters are already facing opposition in the streets. At his opening of the new stadium in his hometown of Detroit, Kid Rock’s performance was being protested by radicalized leftists thugs who were likely hired activists. Their attempt to threaten and intimidate the crowds of Kid Rock supporters and fans triggered a massive reaction from a different community. The group known as Bikers for Trump showed up to protect Kid Rock supporters at his next event in huge numbers.

Those were on the scene witnessed no less than 200 bikers all on their way to protect the crowds of people trying to exercise their first amendment rights and support Senate hopeful Kid Rock. His upcoming race is going to be a challenging one but this determined conservative celebrity has his aims set high as he looks to unseat a two term Democrat incumbent in a highly contested state.

The warm reception to Kid Rock’s campaign announcement was likely caused by the incredible fact that Michigan went red during the 2016 election, allowing for a new conservative movement to take place in the Midwest swing states.


Hired thugs and organizers that work to undermine the security and safety of political speech in the United States are not working for the best interests of the country. Take away their propaganda the preaches peach, love, and harmony and one begins to the see the left as corrupt oppressors bent on taking total control.


Their newest threats that have begun to emerge as the political mobs in the streets that shut down free speech events have revealed that they are not only afraid of the truth, but they despise it. America has already begun to suffer all across the country as these organized leftists have systematically threatened the lives of so many Americans.

The rise of violent leftism in the United States is as dangerous as it is tragic. For some reason, so many on the left have begun to abandon reason and logic as conservatives are threatened time and time again simply for asking questions or arguing again their narratives. They have begun to categorize anyone right of center as a Nazi because it is supposed to demean and humiliate those who are against them but their tactics are those of radicals.

If one were to watch the confrontations between these leftist ANTFIA thugs and often times Trump supporters, who were systematically oppressed and humiliated during the election by every media outlet, one would see that the leftists are the ones looking for fights and taking cheap shots. They want to provoke violence and have it escalate to something greater because that’s what they are paid to do to do, cause trouble.

Trump Supporters have long been the victims of violent crimes and false hate crime stories. The left's attack on anyone who openly defies them intensifies as their leftists thugs use intimidation and violence on the streets

Trump Supporters have long been the victims of violent crimes and false hate crime stories. The left’s attack on anyone who openly defies them intensifies as their leftists thugs use intimidation and violence on the streets


By having conservatives band together and protect one another like Bikers for Trump do, the left has caused Americans who just want to feel safe seeking the protection of Trump supporters. Their tactics that were supposed to cause fear and intimidation, wearing masks and throwing things, they have pushed any sympathizers and moderates who attend the rallies to either become radicals themselves or side with the Patriots.

Patriots is a hard word to use as it offers blind submission to one’s state however seeking to uphold the state and ensure it’s survival is anything but blind loyalty. These Marxists thugs are out to undermine our elections and securities so that our state will weaken and fall prey to enemies.

It has been established that international financiers and billionaires like George Soros operate a network of organizations and activists to carry out their political agendas. This can be as simple as donating to a politician and anywhere to hiring actors on craigslist to protest and eventually radicalize them into a cult like mentality with money and acceptance.

Although there were not as many thugs gathered as usual at the opening of the new Detroit Stadium, they have been known to gather in the thousands to intimidate and threaten those who stand against them. What is scarier yet is that these organizations are so deeply penetrated into the United States that many Mayors and Police departments are often times compromised and support the radical hired mercenary like protesters.

Despite ANTIFA and other leftists, Kid Rock is likely hoping to unseat US Senator Debbie Stabenow in 2018, whose leftists programs and voting patterns in the Senate have left people from Michigan in a difficult place. There is an active attempt to establish a Muslim area of Michigan as many neighborhoods are falling victims to no go zones as police are unable to operate peacefully out of fear of violence.

This means that the police have really lost their power to police those who stand up to them and are thus forced to look elsewhere for crime. Many in Michigan are hopeful that Kid Rock’s patriotic message holds true and he finds his way to the Senate to support President Trump’s Agenda and prevent Michigan’s liberal demise.

The 2018 midterm elections might be more exciting that the 2016 election, although not likely, but it will be thrilling to see which Congress members stay and go. I myself and hoping for many of these Democrats preaching “Resist” find themselves targets of Americans who want people to get some work done for the good of the American people, not themselves. That has been the entire message behind the DNC since the election, resist. Every outlet with every politician and celebrity all crying the same message begging for people to stop supporting America and rooting for it’s downfall.

No American should root for the downfall of another but I can say now that rooting against a Democrat who wants to resist the prosperity of the nation is fine because they are not Americans, they are globalists working to gain power, wealth, and influence over others. Kid Rock offers a hope to many in Michigan that their once great state can once again be a center of industry, prosperity, and security as well as a chance to unseat a Democrat.

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