PUBLISHED: 12:11 AM 30 Dec 2017

“Bigoted Piece Of Filth”: Liberal Writer Outed As Racist After Going One Step Too Far

Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center called the article's author a "bigoted piece of filth" for writing the racist BuzzFeed article.

Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center called the article’s author a “bigoted piece of filth” for writing the racist BuzzFeed article.

The double standard against conservatives speaking their minds as opposed to liberals is unreal. Democrats hold outrageous protests, not caring who they offend. However, Republicans often accidentally upset someone after liberals have a moment to twist words to somehow fit their agenda. The most common accusation is that white conservatives are racist.

Racism, however much leftists try to argue against, goes both ways. The well-known online periodical, BuzzFeed, apparently forgot that is not okay to openly bash another group over its race when it released an article on Wednesday titled “37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018.”

Written by Patrice Peck, the article covers silly items such as mac n’ cheese, the phrase “boujee,” shoes, and even putting bird-deterrent spikes in trees which “gentrifies” them. The article argues that whites have ruined awards shows, such as when a well-deserving Adele beat Beyonce in the 2017 Grammys for the best Album of the Year. Of course, it was called a racist decision.

The BuzzFeed article that is rightfully receiving negative attention.

However, the main attack on the white race is how they have ruined music, especially hip-hop. Though one could argue that Caucasians do not have the best dance moves, minority artists should be flattered that they at least attempt to recreate their favorite songs or dances. Obviously, different races are going to portray the same music differently, which is what makes covering other’s songs fun for fans. It is unclear how hip-hop artists would like white fans to tribute their music, as they are apparently “ruining” it.

Of course, the list would be incomplete if it did not mention how white people singlehandedly ruined America by voting for Trump, accompanied by a bar graph showing how the different demographics voted in 2016. Minority Trump supporters were exempt from such blame.

The second to last item on the list is white people “identifying as black.” This is completely fair to be upset about; however, it is not conservatives who are promoting such self-identification. Identifying as whichever of the now 63 genders or as a different ethnicity that one desires is the epitome of liberal agenda.

Patrice Peck, the author of “37 Things White People Need To Stop Ruining In 2018.”

The author took everything negative thing she could come up with about white people and composed it into one piece. Not to mention, she is black herself. It does not get any more racist than that, and it is an absolute fact that if the situation was reversed, the author would experience much worse criticism. However, neither is ever appropriate in such a serious context. BuzzFeed is defending the article implying that it was not meant to be taken seriously, though it definitely comes across that way. Their only response was that “it is important to distinguish entertainment content from news.” Apparently, white people are ruining jokes, too.

While the periodical does not regularly cover very political pieces, it has always been obvious which way they sway as a company with articles such as “11 Ways The U.S. Is No Longer Fighting Climate Change Under Trump.” BuzzFeed also covers moderately sexual articles as well, such as “Answer 5 Questions And We’ll Tell You How Much Of A Virgin You Are,” exposing its progressive side. They have, however, posted other articles with racist content that did not receive as much attention. An article last year contained the phrase “white people are a plague to the planet,” and as expected, they got away with it.

As a source primarily focused on releasing light and comedic pieces, BuzzFeed made a huge marketing mistake by allowing the list to be published. It has already deterred many conservative readers who formerly read BuzzFeed material for the comedic relief and shows readers their overall stance on racism against white people, which hopefully most readers do not agree with.

Thankfully, liberals are getting a taste of their own medicine as BuzzFeed is receiving immense feedback from readers who are very vocal about telling the “news” source that the article is racist, no matter how it is looked at. Vice President of the Media Research Center, Dan Gainor sums up the situation perfectly saying, “it’s OK to be racist or sexist, as long as their targets are white and male” and refers to the author as a “bigoted piece of filth.” Social media users are not happy with the open slander either, pointing out that the roles could not be reversed without causing protest and of its overall hateful nature.

Other BuzzFeed articles targeting white people.

Hopefully, the periodical will issue an apology and can move on as a successful and ethical company, however, currently, the over-generalized hate statements offend many readers. Making fun of a race and associated stereotypes is one thing to do when it is for comedy and everyone is okay with it, however, the piece released this week is undeniably racist and should not be excused.