COVID ‘Release’ Stumps

PUBLISHED: 6:41 PM 6 Feb 2021

Biden’s Press Secretary Doesn’t Know About COVID Catch And Release?

These ‘migrants’ are being released into the U.S. without being tested for the virus.

What incompetence. (Source: Twitter Screenshot)

Jen Psaki is clueless. She has no idea what she’s talking about and her clearest information is “circle back.”

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Dictator Joe Biden has signed so many executive orders that his own press secretary can’t keep up.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday was asked about Joe Biden’s executive order to resume Barack Obama’s dangerous “catch and release” program.

Trump ended the catch and release program, but Biden, who is merely a puppet for the radical Marxists who are really running the show, resumed the dangerous program with a stroke of a pen.

Joe Biden is now forcing border patrol agents to ‘catch and release’ illegal aliens into US cities without testing them for Covid.

Catch and release is dangerous as it is, but even more so during a pandemic.

Jen Psaki had no idea that Joe Biden even signed this executive order.

Where’s the five alarm fire from the media over Biden allowing ‘migrants’ to flood into US communities without being tested for Covid?

Watch clueless Psaki flounder:

MUST SEE: Jen Psaki has no idea that Joe Biden signed an executive order to resume dangerous Catch and Release!

This administration is out of control!


— ACTforAmerica (@ACTforAmerica) February 5, 2021