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PUBLISHED: 1:30 PM 26 Mar 2021
UPDATED: 5:45 PM 26 Mar 2021

Biden’s First Press Conference Included Picture Book Cheat Sheet, Wandering Idiocy

Like a toddler, Biden needed a sheaf of notes, including pictures of the reporters allowed to ask ‘questions.’

President Trump is right, this is pathetic. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Joe Biden took 64 days to ‘prepare’ to meet the softball, scripted propaganda questions prepared for the American people’s propaganda, but even then, he wandered away from the ‘podium’ and needed carefully prepared picture books as cheat sheets. Many people still can’t understand how the American people have accepted this installed dictator.

The New York Post reported:

New photos reveal several cheat sheets used by President Biden during his Thursday press conference — including one with the headshots and names of reporters he planned to call on.

The president also used notes to assist with facts about US infrastructure, a policy area Biden is focusing on during his first months in the White House.

“The United States now ranks 13th globally in infrastructure quality — down from 5th place in 2002,” read one bullet point.

But despite having the answers in front of him, Biden still slipped up, saying America ranked 85th in the world in infrastructure, before correcting himself.

The press pool at Thursday’s briefing, the first one held by Biden since taking office 65 days ago, was limited to 25 reporters.

Biden only took questions from a list of journalists whose names and outlets he read from a cue card. A photo of the card shows circled numbers around select reporters.

In the early stages of the 62-minute presser, in which Biden fielded 10 questions, the president appeared to repeatedly lose his train of thought, forgetting questions and asking reporters if they wanted him to give detailed answers.

Many of his responses were aided by notes he kept inside a three-ring binder.

He abruptly wrapped up the press conference, telling reporters, “But folks. I’m going,” without sticking around for a follow-up question.

The Gateway Pundit added:

What the hell was this?
Joe Biden forgot where he was today during his first press conference.

Biden walked away from the podium while he was being asked a question, He then started talking away from the microphone and wandered back to the podium to answer the question.

This was one of the strange moments from Joe’s first gathering with his cheerleaders in the press.

Dude is lost.