97% Vaxxed?

PUBLISHED: 2:22 PM 28 Sep 2021

Biden’s Controllers Announce 97% Vaccinated Will All “Normal”

They’re dreaming.

Biden says nothing... he simply repeats what he's told. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Resident Biden yesterday said (repeated the ear-piece instructions) that when 97% of the nation is vaccinated, things can return to normal. Apparently, that means when 20-30 percent of the population has been killed or is suffering life-threatening illnesses as a result of the vaccine….

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Joe Biden on Monday received the Pfizer Covid booster shot.

Biden answered a couple of questions about his administration’s efforts to roll out a Covid booster program.

Biden was asked, “How many Americans need to get vaccinated before things get back to normal? What is the percentage in total vaccinations…?

Here is how Joe responded, “Well, I think, look, I think we get the vast majority, like what’s going on in some of these industries and some schools like 97-98%. I think we get awful close.”

Got that? Biden wants 97-98% of Americans vaccinated with the trial vaccine.
It’s not clear if that included the boosters.
They call this science.