Biden Waves To Nothing

PUBLISHED: 7:44 PM 16 Sep 2020

Biden Waves To No One, Panders To Hispanics With Weird Choice For Song

Wow… check out the weird “poll” shot at the end of the video and Biden’s little dance.

This is just plain weird. (Source: Karli Twitter Screenshot)

In his first trip to Florida in months, Joe Biden headed south to pander to the Hispanic population of the state, first waving at no one when he exited the plane, and later playing “Despacito” from his iPhone.

The lyrics seem like an unfortunate choice for this particular candidate.

100 Percent Fed Up reported:

Biden will be holding a veterans roundtable event in Tampa then he will head over to Kissimmee to pander to the Latino community. The Biden campaign has a serious problem among Hispanic voters because they do not want Socialism in the US.

Latinos from South America and Cuba who have suffered under Socialist and Communist regimes have come to the US for a better life and they know Biden and Harris will usher in Socialism.

Rather than confronting the problem and listening to Latinos, Biden has shrugged off President Trump’s ads linking Biden to Latin revolutionaries as a ‘disinformation campaign.’

Upon arrival in Tampa, Florida, Biden attempted to take a page out of President Trump’s book…waving to massive crowds of supporters on arrival and departure from Air Force One. That just wasn’t the case for Biden this afternoon… Biden is seen waving to an empty field of firetrucks, ambulances, and police vehicles in the distance…with not a single person in sight!


Omgawd he’s waving to a empty field! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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— Karli 🇺🇸 (@KarluskaP) September 15, 2020

Biden also ignored a reporter who asked him a legitimate question related to his problem with Latino voters.

“Mr. Vice President! How concerned are you about losing support among Hispanics?” a reporter shouted as Biden deplaned in Tampa and waved to nobody.

Biden brushed off the reporter and got into to the SUV.