Biden’s Easter ‘Message’

PUBLISHED: 6:02 PM 5 Apr 2021

Biden Uses Easter Message To Ignore Word “Easter” Focus On COVID

He is desperate to prove to his handlers that he can speak the words they tell him, perhaps?

It's the carrot for us dumb beasts. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Supposedly ‘devout’ Catholic, Joe Biden, failed to use the word Easter in his ‘Easter’ message to Americans, and instead used that time to spew COVID propaganda.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden did not mention Jesus Christ at all in his ‘Easter’ message to Americans on Sunday.

But he mentioned Coronavirus 7 times.

Biden also pushed the Covid vaccine in his ‘Easter’ message.

The resurrection of Christ is the chief tenant of the Christian faith, fulfilled prophecy and established He was the Son of God – but Joe Biden would rather make his Easter message about Covid.

Very telling.

Side note: Joe Biden was slurring badly and sounded drunk/drugged up.