Dems' Amnesty Bill

PUBLISHED: 6:17 PM 16 Feb 2021

Biden To Release Bill Granting Citizenship To 11 Million Illegals

These people are criminals without regard for the rule of law, but they are to be rewarded because democrats are desperate for a new base of ignorant voters.

This is designed to infuse democrats with new ignorant voters. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Amnesty is coming. The Biden administration plans to grant it to 11 million criminal aliens.

Citizen Free Press reported:

The Biden administration and Democrats are expected later this week to release an immigration reform bill, multiple sources familiar with the planning tell NBC News.

The legislative text of the “U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021” will reflect the immigration priorities that [] Joe Biden unveiled on his first day in office. His proposal includes an earned pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegals, expands the refugee resettlement program and deploys more technology to the Southern border. There are additional protections that are being considered in the legislation, such as asylum processing in home countries for minors, expanded benefits for DREAMers and ending the public charge rule.

While previous attempts at massive immigration reform have failed under both Republican and Democratic administrations, the Biden White House has signaled support for breaking the legislation into pieces.

As a potential secondary path, lawmakers would work to pass bills legalizing farmworkers and Dreamers right away, and then move toward a more expansive overhaul.

Sen. Robert Menendez, the New Jersey Democrat, is leading the legislative push in the Senate.

“This plan is not only about fixing our broken immigration system, but building a better one that reunites families, brings the undocumented community out of the shadows and on a path to citizenship, stands up for human rights, addresses root causes of migration, and includes a smart border security strategy,” he said in a statement.