Space Force Mocked

PUBLISHED: 5:47 PM 3 Feb 2021

Biden Press Delivers Snarky Slap To American Armed Forces

These people have made it abundantly clear that they despise members of the military and view them as their slaves.

Circle back can't handle it. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The Space Force, created by President Trump, was designed to help Americans and people around the world explore the wonders that exist off this planet. It delivered a new hope that mankind can break the petty bonds of slavery and control that elitists and politicians seem bent on preserving.

But yesterday, Biden Press Secretary Paski showed the utter contempt this administration has for all members of the military.

Newsbusters reported:

Tuesday’s White House press briefing was perhaps Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s most combative one yet, facing tough questions on China, coronavirus relief, illegal immigration, Israel, and schools but also softballs on topics like COVID and impeachment.

And on an equally important note, not a single reporter stepped up to ask Psaki about the embarrassing Daily Beast report that her team had been probing reporters to pre-screen their questions ahead of briefings. Talk about a case of collusion.

It was the Space Force question that raised the most eyebrows as Bloomberg’s Josh Wingrove simply wanted to know if President Biden “has made a decision on keeping or keeping the scope of the Space Force.”

Psaki interjected and chuckled, making a reference to a question about Air Force One from the inaugural briefing: “Wow, Space Force. It’s the plane of today.”

Wingrove pushed back that this matters and Psaki further beclowned herself: “It is an interesting question. I’m happy to check with our Space Force point of contact. I’m not sure who that is and find out and see if we have any update on that.”

Hours later, Psaki tweeted in a piece of damage control that the administration “look[s] forward to the continuing work of Space Force.”

When he received a second round of questions towards the end of the briefing, Wingrove made sure not to elicit the same response, asking Psaki about vaccine “equity” and whether the United States’ vaccine orders would prevent “less wealthy countries” from vaccinating their populations.

Instead of laughing off a question, Psaki expressed her disgust with McClatchy’s Anita Kumar (who shouldn’t be confused with, say, Peter Doocy or Emerald Robinson) for calling out the administration’s lack of contact with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Psaki gave a non-answer to Kumar’s question about whether Biden had spoken with Xi and, if not, when they would, so Kumar followed up: “That sounds a lot like the strategy is not to talk to him at this time because you’re talking about speaking to allies and — and making other calls first. Is — have they requested a call?”

Clearly irked, Psaki snapped. Here was part of her answer: “I don’t have anything more for you. I think — I don’t appreciate the, like, putting words in my mouth. That wasn’t what my effort was. What I was conveying is our strategy here from the United States which is to work with our partners and allies and determine what the right time is.”

A few moments later, TVA’s Richard Latendresse wondered why Biden has yet to speak with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu given Israel’s position as a close U.S. ally.

Psaki deflected, chalking it up to the fact that the administration hasn’t been around for even two weeks even though Biden “would certainly love to spend more times speaking to foreign leaders” as “[h]is first love is foreign policy.”

Representing CNN, senior White House correspondent Phil Mattingly made his Briefing Room debut and held his own, reminding CNN (and the rest of us) that a CNN journalist can be fair and firm without showing condescension, hatred, and smugness toward their opponents.

Mattingly asked about the $15/hour minimum wage being included in the $1.9 trillion COVID package, the administration calling for more money to schools even though at least $60 billion hadn’t been spent yet, and heads up on vaccines. As you’ll see, Psaki deployed sarcasm:

MATTINGLY: Senator Manchin today saying he was going to vote for the budget proposal but made clear that his final vote was not — needs to be on a proposal that’s very targeted. He’s opposed to the $15 minute minimum wage. Is the $15 minimum wage a must have for this White House in the final COVID package?

PSAKI; Well, Phil, I should have also brought you up here to just talk about how bill becomes a law cause I think you know.

MATTINGLY: Well, I have a 17-part reconciliation instructions question.

PSAKI: Oh, good. I can’t wait. We’ll all tune in for it. You know, Phil, I think there are a lot of points of view as should not be a surprise to anyone of different members of Congress. We respect all of them. We’re happy to hear them, hence the President met with ten Republican senators last night, but we’re not going to negotiate from here or, frankly, in public about what is going to be in and out of the package. We want that to work through the legislative practice — process, sorry, that is ongoing now.

MATTINGLY: And on the meeting with the Republican senators, you said the word reiterate I think in a statement last night had the word reiterate three separate times. It’s very clear that you —

PSAKI: You like that word? It’s a good, solid word.