Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign

PUBLISHED: 11:59 PM 9 Mar 2018

Biden Moves Towards 2020 Election With ‘Unconventional Campaign’

He may vow to only stay in office for one term.

Does he even feel that he can win?

The worst-kept secret in all of D.C. (except for the fact that the left knows that they are wrong about Russia helping President Trump win the election) has to be the fact that former Vice President Joe Biden plans to run for office in 2020. Some thought that he would run in 2016, but perhaps the man wanted a break after serving for eight years. No matter what one thinks of him, that makes perfect sense and is understandable. Now, however, MSN News shows that he is likely ready to try and take on Mr. Trump in 2020.

Leftist news haven Politico has even chimed in and found that, along with select aides, the Biden camp is “preparing for a number of scenarios ahead of a possible campaign announcement.” Some ideas show him possibly “announcing his candidacy early enough to set the field of challengers around him” or even “late enough to skip the first two contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.”

Much of this planning centers around the fact that Biden has about as much traction as a bicycle on a frozen pond. As the Vice President, he was considered rude, creepy, and rather mousy, an image that has not changed since he has departed office.

All of this is reflected in what someone close to Biden had said by admitting that Biden was “thinking through a million unconventional options, because there is an acknowledgment that this could be an unconventional campaign.”

Already, Biden is using the tired argument that he detests Mr. Trump as a starting point, something that won’t endear him to workers who are seeing an economic boom under the current administration. Those close to him are filling his head with notions (AKA delusions) that he has the experience to beat Donald Trump. His argument about the experience will sound quite hollow after the president has already served 4 years by 2020; this is an argument he would have had to have made in 2016.

Biden, then, seems as confusing as ever.

He also is forgetting that the Democrats are going to DEMAND that a lady or a person of color be on the ticket, according to the current mood of the party. If someone else white does well, his goose is as good as cooked.

So far, the former VP has asked that his party stay focussed on the midterms and not to worry about 2020, even though he has already contacted “major donor Robert Wolf.”

The best thing that could ever happen to Donald Trump would be for him to again run, hold the G.O.P. ticket, and face Joe Biden. The man has virtually no appeal to most Americans at all.

Otherwise, he would just announce that he was running.