Dem Primary Cancelled

PUBLISHED: 5:37 PM 28 Apr 2020

Biden Gets Green Light From NY After Officials Cancel Dem Primary

So, based on the COVID outbreak, New York officials have declared that there’s no reason to have an actual primary for the presidential nominee?

The Sanders camp isn't happy. (Source: The Young Turks YouTube Screenshot)

On Monday, Board of Election officials in New York decided to concede the primary election to Joe Biden, much to the fury of Bernie Bros, saying that an election would be “frivolous.”

Although the primary election isn’t even scheduled until late June, that’s no reason to let the COVID-19 outbreak go to waste, apparently… the presidential primary is cancelled. However, the state will still conduct congressional and state level primaries on that day.

So, where’s the logic here?

The primary will be held, why not add the democrat presidential candidates on it as well?

Just The News reported:

Board Commissioner Andrew Spano reasoned that the risk of increasing the spread of the virus was not worth having “anyone on the ballot just for the purpose of issues at the convention.”

The Wall Street Journal got ahold of a letter written by a lawyer for the Sanders campaign to the state’s Board of Elections asking them not to cancel the primary. 

“Senator Sanders has collaborated with state parties, the national party and the Biden campaign, to strengthen the Democrats by aligning the party’s progressive and moderate wings. His removal from the ballot would hamper those efforts, to the detriment of the party in the general election,” read the letter.

“What the Sanders supporters want is essentially a beauty contest that, given the situation with the public health emergency that exists now, seems to be unnecessary and, indeed, frivolous,” said board co-chairman Douglas Kellner.

The state election board was given the power to cancel the primary by a recently passed provision in the New York budget, which allows the board to remove candidates who have suspended or terminated their campaign from the ballot.

“It just makes so much sense given the extraordinary nature of the challenge,” party chair Jay Jacobs said last week about canceling the presidential primary.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he did not request the cancellation.