Antifa Free, Moms In Prison

PUBLISHED: 7:41 PM 15 Apr 2021
UPDATED: 7:52 PM 15 Apr 2021

Biden DOJ Keeps Patriot Moms Behind Bars, Meanwhile, Rioters, Antifa Walk Free

This is the state of our country, criminals roam the streets freed from prison, while citizens who simply attended a legal gathering to hear the President Speak are yanked from bed at gunpoint, forbidden to talk to law enforcement or their families, and sit in prison!

God help us. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In the United States (now) it is more dangerous to express support for the constitution than it is to literally attempt to murder police officers, riot in the streets and “burn sh*t down.”

American Greatness explained:

While more than three dozen people charged with various offenses related to the January 6 protest on Capitol Hill now rot in solitary confinement in a D.C. jail, Joe Biden’s Justice Department is letting off the hook violent protestors involved in the ongoing siege of Portland.

Politico on Wednesday reported federal prosecutors are seeking “deferred prosecution” for at least six people charged with disorderly conduct, attacking police officers, and interfering with law enforcement in that city last year. “Some lawyers attribute the government’s newfound willingness to resolve the Portland protest cases without criminal convictions to the arrival of President Joe Biden’s administration in January and to policy and personnel changes at the Justice Department,” Josh Gerstein wrote April 14. “Some of the assaults described in the Portland cases bear similarities to the Capitol violence.”

This includes assaults on law enforcement with various weapons including a shield—a few Capitol defendants face multiple charges for use or possession of a “deadly weapon,” a riot shield, inside the building on January 6—and flashing a laser at police aircraft. Offenders also face “civil disorder” charges similar to the “obstruction of an official proceeding” charge filed against more than 130 Capitol protestors.

Portland protestors, once the quasi-plea arrangement is settled, will come away with a clean record and serve no jail time. But legal observers admit the special treatment poses a stark difference in how Biden’s Justice Department is handling its “unprecedented” manhunt for January 6 perpetrators. “There are already signs the Portland deals could create contrasts or anomalies with the Capitol cases,” Gerstein wrote. “While the Portland defendants now face no jail or criminal conviction in connection with assaulting law enforcement, prosecutors in Washington have sought pretrial detention in virtually all the Capitol riot cases involving alleged assaults on police.”

Several Capitol defendants have been denied bail and transported from their home state to a D.C. Correctional Treatment Facility where they reportedly are held in solitary confinement and have been attacked by prison guards; some have been behind bars for three months. Judges continue to approve extended pre-trial detention even as trials are delayed due to both the pandemic and the caseload in the D.C. judicial system.

Prosecutors, however, might be hesitant to also offer deferred prosecution to Capitol defendants “amid lingering outrage over the Jan. 6 takeover,” a former federal judge told Gerstein.

The Justice Department already has dropped roughly one-third of the cases tied to last year’s violence in Portland. This includes protestors charged with assaulting federal officers; some cases were “dismissed with prejudice,” meaning the case cannot be brought back to court. “Three defendants cut plea deals resulting in probation and home detention,” Portland’s NBC News affiliate reported in March. “Two of the plea agreements required a relatively short prison sentence of 30 days. Several people closely involved with the protest cases, who asked not to be identified, said they expect many more federal charges to be dismissed soon.”

Meanwhile, Biden’s Justice Department continues to round up nonviolent Trump supporters from across the country and hold them as political prisoners.

Gateway Pundit reported on an exclusive Stasi state:

Victoria White is a single mother of four daughters who volunteered with the Trump Victory campaign, helps organize Back the Blue and 9/11 memorial events — and is now an “insurrectionist” according to the liberal media.

White traveled to DC from her home in Rochester, Minnesota on January 6th to listen to then-President Donald Trump speak, before finding herself in the midst of chaos that will forever change her life.

Following Trump’s speech, White made her way to the Capitol along with the crowd of thousands. As things began to spiral, she found herself stopping two people from breaking a window, demanding that doing so would be unpatriotic and wrong.

White maintains that she did not vandalize or hurt anyone, quite the opposite, as she says she was trying to prevent that.

In the FBI’s own report, they note that there is a video in which “an individual who appears to be WHITE (wearing the same red cap and black coat as seen on WHITE’s Facebook page) is seen arguing with other rioters who were attempting to break the glass. In the video, WHITE can be heard yelling at the individuals attempting to break the glass and she physically attempts to pull them away from the glass. A sample of screenshots from that video are shown below. WHITE is circled in red.”

“I tried to stop those two people from breaking the Capitol window because when we go to see the president, we don’t go there to do stuff like that. That’s not patriotic. We don’t do that,” White told the Gateway Pundit.

According to her charging documents, the FBI is claiming that White had attempted to grab an officer’s shield. Their big smoking gun against her, she says, was actually just an attempt to protect herself from getting hit with it or forced into it by the crowd — not trying to hurt anyone.

The hectic scene led to an officer striking White in the head with a metal baton. She responded by reminding the officer that he took an oath to the Constitution and that what he was doing was uncalled for. The officer, White says, responded by calling her a “b-tch” and hitting her again, and again. The third strike caused her to bleed from her head.

On Thursday, April 8, her home was surrounded by federal agents and she was arrested — while her daughters were home. White was released shortly after, but cannot leave the state until her trial. She is charged with six offenses that combined, carry a maximum sentence of 55 years in prison.

**She is now attempting to raise funds to care for her family and be able to afford an attorney that will fight for her. You can donate here:

Gateway Pundit reported:

Felicia Konold of Arizona was on a road trip celebrating being alive after a bad accident left her with a broken back and half of her face ripped off in 2020.

Konold had never traveled before, so for the first time in her life she has been taking road trips through the country that she loves so dearly with her brother — while also homeschooling her 10-year-old son.

When Konold heard that President Donald Trump was going to be speaking in DC, the siblings decided to add a stop to their road trip plan. She had never been to a protest before and did not really know what to expect — in fact, she did not even expect it to be a protest, just a rally. What she did know is that patriotic Americans who loved their president were not often treated kindly, and that she had a little boy that needed her. She packed a medical kit and bought some extra protective layers to make sure she would get home safe, should leftists attack the event.

She also hoped that by bringing supplies, her training for veterinary medicine may come in handy if things went terribly awry.

January 6 in DC was unlike anything she would experience in her wholesome and quiet life in Arizona, which mostly consists of spending time in her small mobile home, gardening, taking care of her animals, and homeschooling.

Konold still did not realize it was a protest when she followed the crowd of fellow Trump supporters to the Capitol. The door to the building was open and police seemed to be allowing people inside, so she went. She was kind and friendly to police and left quickly when she was told that people were not supposed to be there.

When the arrests of Capitol rioters started she assumed that she was okay. After all, she did no harm. She thought that the people who were being arrested were the ones who were violent or engaging in vandalism — not the peaceful people like her.

A month after the protest, she was yanked from her bed at gunpoint by the FBI. Her entire street was blocked off and crowded with unmarked vehicles. Her small mobile home was raided and a two page long list of her belongings was seized.

Konold is four months pregnant. Her son has always wanted a sibling.

The expecting mother was detained for an entire week. Bizarrely, the FBI told her not to speak to other law enforcement agencies.

Upon her release, Konold found that her social media accounts were all removed. She was even banned from the stock trading app WeBull. The media was smearing her as an “insurrectionist” and painting her to be someone that she is not, while all traces of her life and who she really is vanished from the internet. Without social media, it is nearly impossible to defend yourself from these smears. The media could now paint her as any cartoon villain that they wanted — and people couldn’t look at her happy and normal social media accounts to see otherwise.

Speaking to the Gateway Pundit, Konold said that she would just like to say that “myself nor 90 percent of the people hunted down and rotting in jail are who they are making us out to be. Through the tireless efforts of Americans, the truth will prevail.”

She also sent two quotes that she had written in her journal and have been running through her mind.

“If we do not hang together, we will most assuredly hang separately,” from Benjamin Franklin and “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it,” from the American Crisis No. 4, on September 11th, 1777.

Along with losing her social media to spread awareness of the reality of this situation, Konald was placed on house arrest and can no longer earn an income because she was a gig worker and law enforcement claims that is too hard to track. While dealing with all the discomfort that comes with pregnancy, her ankle is also being damaged by the monitor. She is receiving threatening hate letters in the mail.

Konold has been banned from communicating with her brother, who is also charged. Thankfully, kind friends and neighbors have been doing grocery store runs for her, since she can no longer do them normally, as she would have before.

To make the situation even worse, Konold has been given a court appointed attorney who seems to have very little interest in actually proving her innocence. Those who will actually fight for her come with a hefty price tag.

Konold has been charged with conspiracy, civil disorder, obstruction of an official proceeding, knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

**She is now trying to raise funds so that she can secure an attorney that will properly defend her. Those who wish to contribute can do so on Venmo at @Felicia-Konold-1.