Biden's Words Captured

PUBLISHED: 10:12 PM 6 Sep 2018

Biden Demeans “Tracker” And Gets A Free Pass From MSM

The media blackout seems suspicious.

For someone who seems ever quick to condemn how Mr. Trump talks, Biden (pictured) isn't doing very well, it could be said.

WARNING: This article contains language used by the former V.P. which may be offensive to some readers. 

Every time that President Donald Trump calls someone a name, some people on the left act as if he has committed the unforgivable sin. However, where is the outrage when former Vice President Joe Biden calls a tracker “a real prick,” as the Daily Mail has confirmed was the case today?

The tracker who was insulted was with the America Rising PAC and it is clear that Biden looks right into the camera and says, “you’re a real pri*k,” to him as a woman puts her hand to block the camera.

The incident happened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, during the Labor Day celebrations.

This outburst may come back to haunt the former V.P. since Politico has implied that this stop shows that he is serious about a run in 2020.

Politico also wrote of the ordeal and said, “there was … a young man from the Republican attack group America Rising following along with his own camera, mumbling questions and then remarking with staged wonder into the camera that Biden wouldn’t answer them.”

Isn’t it interesting how the leftist media works in the If a right-leaning publication called a leftist group an “attack group,” they may be labeled as fake news and shunned. However, when an outlet that caters to the left says such a thing, it is considered totally normal by many.

Also, what questions was Biden so afraid to answer? That should have been something the Politico took the time to address, perhaps, but they did not.

Beyond that is the fact that Biden has said in the past that he would fight Donald Trump is the two were on the schoolyard, so to speak. While free speech is what it is, if Donald Trump had said such a thing, he would likely be painted as a violent man deep inside, would he not have?

If the Commander in Chief called someone tracking him such a name, it would be all that anyone is likely to read about for the next week, yet Biden, a Democrat, seems to be getting an MSM pass one again.

That is fine, however. When Mr. Trump stands at the debate podium once again, if he is facing Biden, one can rest assured that he won’t forget to remind the American people what was said.

His handling of “Crooked Hillary” proved that, after all