Angry Biden Claims ‘Win’

PUBLISHED: 6:26 PM 15 Dec 2020

Biden Claims ‘Victory’ To 4000, Ignores Dominion Fraud Report Claiming “Baseless” Fight

This was pathetic. Dude couldn’t get 4000 people to watch his speech, but we’re all supposed to believe that he got 80 million votes? Come on, man.

What a joke. (Source: CSPAN Screenshot)

Last night, despite the fact that Joe Biden HAS NOT BEEN declared the president elect (and won’t be, many argue, since it doesn’t happen until January 6 at the earliest), he took it upon himself to angrily attack Trump and his voters for demanding the exposure of massive voter fraud.

Blithely ignoring the suitcases of ballots, secret tallies, countless USB videos and a recent Dominion machine audit that proved WIDESPREAD election fraud, Biden fraudulently claimed he won the election while a whopping 4,000 people watched.

Interestingly, the number of ‘likes’ on the CSPAN broadcast should have probably been tallied by Dominion as well, since Biden couldn’t get a majority there either.

The Epoch Times reported:

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday denied that voter fraud occurred in the 2020 election and claimed Electoral College victory not long after Republicans in seven battleground states entered dueling slates of electors to be sent to Congress.

Biden made the comments after Republicans in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Nevada entered dueling slates of electors. Democrats made the same move in Hawaii in 1960 by sending an alternate slate of electors for John F. Kennedy after the state’s governor certified Richard Nixon as the winner. Congress ultimately counted the Democrat electors.

Biden made no mention of the dueling electors in his speech. He called on President Donald Trump to concede the race and disputed that the election was tainted by fraud.

Since Election Day, Trump and third-party groups have pursued legal challenges to the outcome of the election in six states. None of the efforts have so far borne fruit, including an interstate Supreme Court challenge brought by Texas and backed by 19 Republican attorneys general.

Some of the lawsuits alleged widespread fraud, including through the manipulation of voting machines by Dominion Voting Systems. On Monday morning, a judge approved the release of a forensic audit of the Dominion machines from Antrim County, Michigan. The author of the report concluded that the machines were designed to produce an extraordinary volume of errors as a means for altering election outcomes. The machines were missing crucial security and ballot adjudication logs for the 2020 general election despite having the logs for prior years.

“WOW. This report shows massive fraud. Election changing result!” Trump wrote on Twitter in response to the report.

Biden said that election officials and volunteers, Republicans and Democrats alike, “knew the elections they oversaw were honest and free and fair.”

The dueling sets of electors from seven states will likely trigger a contested electoral vote count in Congress. Each slate of electors can be challenged with the approval of one member of the house and one senator. Both chambers of Congress would then retire to debate and vote on the slate.

Depending on the outcome of the Senate runoffs in Georgia, Trump would require near-unanimous support in the Senate to block the approval of Biden’s electors—a move that would send the election into uncharted territory.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the meager audience Biden gleaned:

This is getting predictable. It should have been a great day for the “most popular Democrat in world history” after the 50 states put forth their electoral college vote today.

But only 4,000 watched his big speech on CSPAN tonight.