Biden Checks Watch

PUBLISHED: 4:50 PM 30 Aug 2021
UPDATED: 5:03 PM 30 Aug 2021

Biden Checks Time While Waiting For Slain American Heroes

Just disgusting.

Total jerk. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Joe Biden can’t be bothered with waiting to receive the bodies of dead American heroes… apparently. He checked his watch while they were being unloaded.

The Gateway Pundit wrote:

Today, Joe Biden checked his watch while Military Generals stood at attention, saluting our fallen heroes.

Boris Epshteyn tweeted a photo.

Also, notice that Joe Biden does not Salute our fallen troops, but instead he covers his heart hiding his face behind a mask while outdoors?

This is not how it is done. This is not how the President acts.

This is what you get when you replace a leader with a puppet.

Bring Trump back.