Biden Says “Negro”

PUBLISHED: 1:30 PM 12 Nov 2021
UPDATED: 6:13 PM 12 Nov 2021

Biden Calls Satchel Page “Great Negro,” Media Claims He Didn’t Say It

You heard it plainly... but the media is telling you what really happened.

What a joke. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Yesterday, the racist resident of the White House referred to Satchel Page as a “great negro,” and then the media immediately tried to claim that he didn’t say, what he said.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

Comrades, the ministry of truth does not want you to misunderstand what Joe Biden is saying in these prepared remarks.  Do not believe your eyes and ears, Joe Biden is not saying:

...”You know, I’ve adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time, pitcher in the negro leagues went on to become a great pitcher in the pros, into the, major league baseball after Jackie Robinson, his name was Satchel Paige”..

Joe Biden is NOT saying this, according to U.S. media immediately afterward.