Biden's “Senate” Campaign?

PUBLISHED: 5:02 PM 25 Feb 2020
UPDATED: 6:07 PM 25 Feb 2020

Biden Asks South Carolina To Support His Candidacy For “United States Senate”

If anyone still thinks Joe Biden is mentally capable to act in any official capacity, they may have to re-think.

Go home, Joe, you're done. (Source: The Guardian YouTube Screenshot)

Joe Biden’s mental health has long been a subject of speculation, and just days before the critical South Carolina primary, he made a strange mistake.

Biden asked democrat voters to support his candidacy for “United States Senate.”


Fox News reported:

Biden was one of several 2020 hopefuls to attend the South Carolina Democrat Party’s First in the South Dinner, where he reportedly received the longest ovation of any of his competitors.

However, wrapping up his remarks, he misspoke about which office he was seeking.

“You’re the ones who sent Barack Obama the presidency. And I have a simple proposition here: I’m here to ask you for your help,” Biden pleaded to Democratic voters. “Where I come from, you don’t go very far unless you ask. My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over. If you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden. Give me a look though, okay?”

Biden, a former senator, has called South Carolina is “firewall,” hoping to clinch his first primary victory after having disappointing turnouts in Iowa and New Hampshire as well as coming in at a distant second in Nevada last weekend.

However, Biden also raised eyebrows this week when he shared an unverified claim on the campaign trail that he was arrested in South Africa trying to free Nelson Mandela from prison, something he had never previously shared before.

Also last week, Biden told CNN his late son, Beau Biden, had served as U.S. attorney general. Beau Biden was attorney general for the state of Delaware from 2007-2015.

The fact that Biden can’t even keep the simplest facts straight seem to spell certain doom for the struggling, aging democrat.