Children At Risk

PUBLISHED: 8:10 PM 29 Mar 2021

Biden Admin Ok’s Potential Child Predators To Work At Migrant ‘Holding Facilities,’ Refuses Senator

This is sick and wrong, based on a crisis that was deliberately created.

Why would he protect predators? (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Because the Biden administration deliberately opened the doors of the U.S. to an invasion, now it needs more child facility workers. No problem. They’ve just decided that there’s no need to protect these children from potential predators. Meanwhile, A U.S. Senator was prohibited from recording video of the concentration compounds.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

In yet another testament to how little the Democrats actually care about the “kids in cages” that they railed on about for so long under Trump, the Biden admin has now waived FBI background checks for the kid’s caregivers.

With the border crisis continuously escalating, the admin is in a major rush to fill the positions — and apparently do not care if the people they are hiring are safe to be around the minors.

The Associated Press reports:

In the rush to get children out of overcrowded and often unsuitable Border Patrol sites, President Joe Biden’s team is turning to a measure used by previous administrations: tent camps, convention centers and other huge facilities operated by private contractors and funded by U.S. Health and Human Services. In March alone, the Biden administration announced it will open eight new emergency sites across the Southwest adding 15,000 new beds, more than doubling the size of its existing system.

Additionally, the report states that “these emergency sites don’t have to be licensed by state authorities or provide the same services as permanent HHS facilities. They also cost far more, an estimated $775 per child per day.”

$775 per child, per day!

“And to staff the sites quickly, the Biden administration has waived vetting procedures intended to protect minors from potential harm,” the report continues. “Staff and volunteers directly caring for children at new emergency sites don’t have to undergo FBI fingerprint checks, which use criminal databases not accessible to the public and can overcome someone changing their name or using a false identity.”

HHS issued a statement saying that the potential staff must still “pass public record criminal background checks,” but that process depends on the honesty of the applicant.

“While the various background checks could identify some past criminal convictions or sexual offenses, these checks were not as extensive as the FBI fingerprint background checks,” the HHS inspector general previously said.