Sanders Racism Lawsuit

PUBLISHED: 4:59 PM 21 May 2019

Bernie Staffer Files Lawsuit After Campaign Racism Burns

Saying that democrats are racist is lie saying water is wet… countless examples of their bigotry and hateful-intolerance are well documented.

Progressives are the most intolerant bunch out there.

Democrats’ racism is legendary. From Jim Crow to the Civil Rights movement, they’re hatred and intolerance will well documented.

Now, Bernie Sanders’ supporters are coming under fire for racism. A former campaign staffer has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the Sanders group, Our Revolution.

Fox News reported:

On “Fox & Friends” Monday, Tezlyn Figaro, who served as director for racial justice issues on the Sanders campaign in 2016, said she and others have been “concerned for years with issues of racism” among people working for the Vermont senator.

“I’m not saying he himself is racist, but his movement is. It is a reason why no one from the 2016 black outreach department is there working for Senator Sanders,” she said.

Figaro said it was “important to [her]” to file the federal lawsuit laying out her allegations and what she experienced in 2016.

Host Steve Doocy pointed out reports last spring that said Figaro was fired from Our Revolution for offensive comments about immigrants.

Figaro denied that was the case, alleging she was fired “because of black outreach” and disagreements about her advocacy on behalf of incarcerated African-Americans.

She accused Lucy Flores — who has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of inappropriate touching — of pushing the story to media outlets, including Politico.

She said that she was accused of being anti-immigrant because of her appearances on Fox News and a comment she made about immigrants receiving benefits that Americans are not getting.

Doocy said the show reached out to the Sanders campaign and Our Revolution, but did not receive a response.

Figaro called on Sanders to meet with her and other former staffers who worked on black outreach efforts.

“Show us that black lives really do matter, instead of just in a stump speech,” she said.

Given the patronizing race-bait politics all democrats play… such an event is unlikely.