Bernie Sanders Hypocrite

PUBLISHED: 3:52 PM 15 Mar 2018

Bernie Sanders Protected By Armed Guards During Speech At Anti-Gun Rally

The rally was held for student walk out.

Sanders (pictured) spoke against guns as he was guarded by people with guns.

Hypocrite” is defined by Dictionary (dot com) as “a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.” As the Daily Caller shows today, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) fits that description as he spoke about banning guns while surrounded by “heavily armed” guards.

As Sanders joined the children who ditched class (and who expect the people to think that it was for a cause) in Washington D.C., he did so behind guards who were not holding stones or carrying swords. Guns, and many of them, were present for his safety, but he wants that right banished for the common peon.

Using a live Facebook stream, he walked through the crowd and shook hands with those cutting class and used every second of the exposure and publicity.

Guards (with guns, liberals) and police are seen telling the students to step away from the Senator when they got too tightly packed around him.

This means that, while he spoke all piously and boasted about the “courage to take out the NRA,” the very people who the NRA supports stood armed were by his side.

The clear takeaway from all of this is that Mr. Sanders is worthy of protection. He is a powerful Senator and some people may wish to harm him.

However, the common person has stalkers, rapists, home invaders, carjackers, and flash mobs to worry about ending their lives and they are to have no gun to use.

Slowly but surely, the very powerful are claiming rights that the average person reading these words are not to have. That is a very close ideology to what the settlers rebelled against with England!

ALL of the rights outlined in the Constitution are for ALL people who dwell in the country, not just Senators looking for a bit of airtime.

Today, students are marching against their rights, something that must have world leaders in the U.N. laughing so hard that they need to fear breaking a rib.