PUBLISHED: 10:35 PM 17 Apr 2017
UPDATED: 10:37 PM 17 Apr 2017

Bernie Sanders Has Unforeseen Encounter With The Democratic Party


Bernie Sanders is now a leading a voice in the Democrat Party even though he is a registered Independent.

Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) is known for a number of things. He wants to bankrupt the nation with his version of Obamacare, he makes truly crazed and baseless claims about Trump killing people that he can’t even back up, and basically has no idea how to do anything outside of the realm of failed socialism. Sadly, he is the most popular politician in America today (according to poll numbers) and someone who could have likely bested Trump had the DNC not cheated him. While America certainly dodged a bullet by getting the sound monetary mind of Trump in office instead, Sanders might not be done doing harm with his practices.

The Hill is reporting that Democrats are “Welcoming the Bernie Takeover,” something that seems awfully rich of them since they cheated him out of his election. The fact that this man is still associating with the party (he claims to be “Independent” but he did not run on it) that cheated him is nothing short of pathetic, making him look needy and spineless to many. This is even more true in light of the fact that he supported Hillary Clinton, the woman who cheated him. His argument was that, among other things, she was a leftist and female, so she was good for the nation. This is a hollow claim since Jill Stein was also a leftist and a female who DIDN’T cheat Sanders and he didn’t endorse her. This is because he is a sellout, at his very core, but his followers are blind to this because they want “free” things.

Where were the Democrats who say that Bernie is “always” one of them when he needed them?

Just the same, more than 12 Democrats have said that Sanders is a leading voice in the party that is trying to find itself after a terrible defeat. The trouble is that they HAVE found themselves. They are the high taxing, border opening, illegal alien embracing, pro-NWO party that ruined the nation’s healthcare. America knows them very well and has no desire to be lead by such folly. Therefore, finding a new spokesperson is not going to do much. If rhetoric wins elections (it can) then Bernie’s chance was about 5 and half months ago when the nation voted, but that was ruined for him. His days of Pied Piper are over on that scale, just as it is for Dr. Ron Paul who the Republicans cheated in Iowa in 2012.

While the GOP at least had the decency not to ask Paul for help, the Democrats have no such morals, as seen by the embrace of Sanders. When Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist  who supported Clinton (who caused Sanders to lose) said “It continues to drive me a bit nuts that he continues to register as an Independent, but the bottom line is that he is a good Democrat,” the evil irony of the sentence almost burns the corneas to read. Who in the world would have the gull to ask for party loyalty, which Manley also frets about with Sanders, from a man after the party in question just hosed him? They stacked the deck against him and now want him to be loyal Democrat when he is likely too old to run in 2020.  They are lucky that he does not spit towards them.


Bernie Sanders was denied by the majority of people who simply detest socialism due to the misery that it brings.

Some mocked the politician, according to The Hill, and called him a “one issue” candidate with “unrealistic” goals such as those free college education. Oddly enough, on that Sanders was actually right! The issue for Bernie and where he would fail at the idea of free college tuition is that he wants it on a federal level. Well, we tried healthcare on a federal level and it was the most painfully bad idea since Custer angered the Indians. However, on a STATE level, even Republicans have found success with free college plans for people who live there. The Democrats condemned him on the only thing that he suggested which worked. Yes, they really are that lost.

Some say that he stayed in the race too long, but since he was ahead and those running his campaign were competent and knew how to read facts, he was ahead. His team knew that he was being cheated even as far back as when Black Lives Matter group members stole his microphone. Therefore, why should he have dropped out? It was Clinton who should have dropped out because America was about as excited for her run as they are for a trip to the dentist. Sanders signs were everywhere to be seen while Clinton’s were all but absent. Bumper stickers all over places like Ohio were selling out of “SANDERS,” while Clinton’s ended up being given away as Trump surged.


Democrats who Clinton and the DNC cheated did not forgive her nor them on election day.

The Democrats let Trump win (thank GOD!) by not wanting their party to be the “party of Bernie,” according to Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. However, they went with “the party of Clinton,” who has been tied to failed policies since te 1990s. Under her were confirmed Satanists, rapists, and the debacle in Libya, but the Democrats worried about Bernie?

Some lefties are showing great worry that an Independent is to have such say in the Democrat Party, but Perez said, “At the end of the day, Bernie Sanders may be a registered Independent, but he has always caucused with Democrats and there is no question he continues to enjoy strong support among many members of the Democratic Party.” Well, at least “always” except for when he was actually winning the party ticket of course, then not at all. Yet they question his loyalty to them. You just have to love the Democrat Party.


Bernie or bust….the Democrats chose “bust” and it happened.

Bill Press, a Sanders surrogate said, “At the end of the day, Bernie Sanders may be a registered Independent, but he has always caucused with Democrats and there is no question he continues to enjoy strong support among many members of the Democratic Party,” which may, in light of the facts, be the dumbest single statement uttered by anyone so far this year. Surprised that he departed from those who purposefully pushed Clinton before him the whole time? He adds, “People like his ideas. Bernie is Bernie. Whether he has an I or a D after his name … nobody cares.”

Perhaps someone who The Hill calls only a “DNC official” said in regards to Sanders hurting Clinton, “You come out of the gate and this is who you’re dragging around with you A majority of people supported Hillary Clinton in the primary and making Bernie one of the main figures of the Democratic Party isn’t going to do a damn bit of good.” She the added what we all knew but never expected to be said, “If he wants to make changes to our party, he should join it.”

No conservative or libertarian could have said it better themselves They care more about party than of substance and that is why 2020 is looking really, really grim for anyone with a “D” by their name.