Bergdhal Sentenced

PUBLISHED: 9:58 PM 7 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 10:20 PM 7 Jun 2018

Bergdhal Gets No Jail Time, Conformed By Military Court

No one knows whether he was trying to join the Taliban or not.

Was he trying to join the Taliban? The world may never really know.

While many voters today may have forgotten the name, Pvt. Bowe Bergdahl is the man who left his post during a time of war when his nation needed him. Those who went to search for him, fearing that he was kidnapped or otherwise in trouble, were hurt in the process, six of his team were killed.

President Donald Trump made quite a stir about the case during his run to the White House and today, the American Thinker has confirmed that “Army [sic] gen. Robert Abrams, head of U.S. Army Forces Command, has endorsed the decision of the court martial board who decided not to sentence” the deserter to prison.

Bergdahl did see his rank reduced from a sergeant to a private “and ordered to forfeit $1,000 a month in pay for 10 months.” On top of that, the disgraced soldier was given a dishonorable discharge. Even though Obama called him a “hero,” there are some rumors that the soldier was actually attempting to join the Taliban, and is it stands, no one knows.

Both the fine and the reduction in rank were “effective two weeks after the judge’s sentence was delivered,” the Thinker has also reported. The Army Court of Criminal Appeals at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, will now review the ruling as is customary.

Bergdahl went A.W.O.L. and was quickly captured by the Taliban. He was kept captive for five years as a result. Two Navy Seals were wounded as they did their very best to find their comrade, according to the Army Times.

Making his actions even more despicable is the fact that six people in his unit were killed. The families of the fallen have reason to believe that since “so much manpower” was being used to find him, there was not enough support within the unit.

As a matter of fact, Time wrote, “The diversion of these men and their units to the hunt for Bergdahl thinned the ranks of U.S. troops elsewhere in the region, contributing to several more American KIAs, U.S. soldiers who were there at the time believe.”

With that being true, many are asking what possible reasoning there could be for having not punished Bergdahl more severely. The reason given by the courts is that the captured man had “suffered enough” at the hands of the Taliban who had taken him hostage.

Former President Obama, in what may have been the most moronic statement of his presidency (there were a lot), called the coward “a hero,” as the Daily Wire wrote.  No matter what side of the sentencing debate a person comes down on, no one would be too quick to call him a hero for deserting his unit in a time of war.

Has he suffered enough? After all, the Taliban holding cell is not exactly Club Med with saunas. It is noted that a lot of suffering was endured by those who bravely searched for him, as well.

If his stunt led to deaths, as many have shown that it likely did, his five years was not nearly as bad as dying.

Now that it is all over, the armed forces have to hope that no one else takes off running. Thanks to the court’s ruling, those who may be inclined to do so are apt to think that they won’t face much punishment from Uncle Sam if they do, however.

That may be the greatest concern as the whole affair draws to a close.