PUBLISHED: 4:49 PM 19 Jan 2017

Benghazi Survivor to Celebrities: Tell My Dead Friends How Much Of A Hero You Are

This is what a hero looks like!

This is what a hero looks like!

This is what a hero looks like!

Benghazi was a terrible tragedy that was easily preventable. Democrats cry that Republicans won’t stop bringing it up, but someone has to seek justice for the four Americans that were murdered that night by Jihadists.

We are all well-aware that Hillary Clinton deliberately left our men and women to die that night, and as they fought for 13 hours to survive, four came home in a casket. That is on Hillary Clinton.

Following the election, liberal millionaires have stood on their soapboxes praising themselves and calling each other hero’s for their “brave stance.”

There’s nothing courageous about sitting in your $5 million mansion and looking down upon us. Brave is giving your life for your country, not spending your day acting a movie scene out.

Many Hollywood elites continue to call Meryl Streep courageous, but one man has had enough. One man who has displayed and seen true bravery had some blunt words for Streep and other celebrities who continue to call themselves brave and heroic.

“The only time I have a real issue with this at all is when these people are looked at as role models. When they back out [of the inauguration], and publications like The New York Times or CNN put them on a pedestal for dropping out, it does a major disservice to Americans,” said former Army Ranger Kris Paronto to Independent Journal Review.

This is what heroism looks like!

This is what heroism looks like!

“You’re a monkey and somebody is turning the crank. You’re here to entertain us. When you’re gone, we don’t give a sh**, we will find another monkey to do the job you were doing,” said Paronto.

Paronto shared a challenge with any celebrity who wants to know about what true bravery. “So you know what, Meryl Streep, stop putting others down and go do something else. Be like Pat Tillman — drop everything you’re doing and put your life on the line. Robert De Niro, you played a cop in the movies, go be a cop on the streets. The same principle applies to these other celebrities. You wore a uniform as a costume. Try putting one on to serve your country.”

These actors embody the exact reason Donald Trump won. Who are you to tell me whether or not my life is hard when you make millions of dollars a year choosing which jobs you want to do? The arrogance is unbelievable and it has made this country sick of people like De Niro and Streep.

“For 13 hours that night, my teammates and I did everything in our power to save American lives. Two of us didn’t make it home. Neither did Ambassador Christopher Stevens or Sean Smith. For some reason that I’ll never understand, I did.”

Chris Paronto is a hero, not Meryl Streep.