PUBLISHED: 3:15 PM 31 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 2:28 AM 1 Sep 2016

Benghazi Is The LAST Thing They’re Worried About, Judge Just Did THIS

Hillary And Huma Have Gotten Away With Their Crimes For Far Too Long

Hillary And Huma Have Gotten Away With Their Crimes For Far Too Long

Hillary And Huma Have Gotten Away With Their Crimes For Far Too Long

In another win for justice and the American people, the State Department has been ordered to turn over all “non-exempt” documents related to a freedom of information act lawsuit concerning longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s employment at the State Department, a federal judge ruled Monday.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ruled that the State Department has until September 30 to complete its own internal review of documents that the department received from the FBI. The State Department then has another two weeks, until October 14, to hand over all “non-exempt” documents to the conservative group Judicial Watch, which filed the freedom of information suit.

This is very important given that we already know that Huma Abedin was closely associated with Hillary during their many times of impropriety. Several reports indicate that Huma left classified information in her room and car where they could have been easily stolen.

She also testified last year that she was ordered by Hillary to burn travel logs and dozens of other documents that pertained to Hillary. That is a felony and is highly unethical, but the Clinton’s are obviously above everyone. Here is Huma’s email asking for another bag to be burned. What else don’t we know of that they burned?


Huma (At Bottom) Destroying More Documents, What Else Have They Destroyed?

Sources close to the Clinton camp have stated numerous times that Huma has been the third-party liaison between Hillary and her foreign donors, too. While the paper trail behind that has yet to be officially documented, sources say Huma is a lot more involved than liberals lead people to believe. Huma is also the individual that helped Hillary delete hundreds of emails surrounding Benghazi, argues anonymous sources.

Huma has been well aware of Hillary health issues, here she is acknowledging these issues:

Huma Knows Hillary's Health Is Bad, She Is Confused, And Needs Naps

Huma Knows Hillary’s Health Is Bad, She Is Confused, And Needs Naps

Huma has admittedly committed dozens of crimes for Hillary, and now we are going to see what else the State Department has on Huma. It was recently reported that Huma also has strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood via her parents. Huma served as an editor for her mothers Sharia promoting corporation that blamed America for 9/11.

Huma is just as much a criminal as Hillary Clinton, and this lawsuit against her will hopefully bust the door wide open. Huma has been alongside Hillary Clinton for more than 12 years, and one doesn’t remain with the Clinton’s unless they become a “Clinton.”

The lawsuit is concerned with various things, but one of the major questions surrounds Abedin’s employment status while Clinton was Secretary of State, specifically the longtime Clinton aide’s transition from her role as deputy chief of staff to a part-time job as a “special government employee.” That unusual designation allowed Abedin to do paid work for a consulting firm and the Clinton Foundation in addition to her duties at the State Department.

This Is Clinton's Top Aide, That Is Not Ok

This Is Clinton’s Top Aide, That Is Not Acceptbale

Clinton’s campaign was forced to admit last year that the former Secretary of State did not personally sign a document that approved Abedin’s job transition, although her name did appear in print alongside a redacted signature that the campaign said belonged to Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s former chief of staff.

The State Department initially told Judicial Watch that all records involving Abedin’s employment had been disclosed but the conservative group moved to reopen the case once news emerged that Clinton had maintained a personal email server separate from the State Department’s.

Guess what, Clinton and the State Department lied. They deliberately destroyed emails and documentation for years, they burned travel logs, they deleted emails surrounding Benghazi, Huma left classified documents unsecured all over the place, and we are certain there will be much more revealed in this lawsuit.

Huma even had access to Hillary’s email, that required top secret clearance, and was responding to people for her. Here she is replying to emails for Hillary on her unsecured email server. Keep in mind Huma does not have the clearance to use Hillary’s email legally, so here is another crime.


Huma Had Access To Hillary Unsecured Email And Used It Without Clearance

How many more corrupt politicians are we going to allow? Huma isn’t just one person, she is the culture that the Clinton’s create. A culture of breaking the law, skirting ethical guidelines, and dismissing the fact that as government agents, they should act professionally. They have broken dozens of laws together for many years and the time has come for them to answer questions about it.

Judicial Watch has been successful many times before with uncovering information the Clinton’s have tried to hide, so this could potentially expose the Clinton’s in a big way, and it could have a domino effect. If Huma is exposed for any illegal acts, it is highly probable that they will also be traced to Hillary Clinton. So this investigation could prove to be extremely important.

Donald Trump will win a close race this November, but if groups like WikiLeaks and Judicial Watch continue to expose what the Clinton Cartel is hiding, she could be forced to resign before the election in November. We all have to continue to do our part, share stories like this, and make sure we let everyone know when the Clinton’s have been caught lying again, and it looks like we will all see that by the end of September.