Texas Dems Flee

PUBLISHED: 3:21 PM 13 Jul 2021

Beer Drinking Texas Dems Flee To DC On Private Jet To ‘Stop’ Passage Of Voter Integrity Law

This is pathetic. They should be subpoenaed, but don’t hold your breath.

Not doing their job seems to be a form of celebration for them. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Democrats in Texas boarded a private (emissions belching) jet, loaded with beer, in order to prevent the citizens in the State of Texas from protecting their elections from cheating.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Democrats take their beer with them to party in Washington DC.

At least 58 Democrat members of the state House of Representatives fled Texas to Washington DC to block Republicans from advancing new voting laws through a special session of the legislature.

Under the Texas Constitution, the lawmakers risk arrest by fleeing town during a special legislative session.

Democrats are FURIOUS about Voter ID laws and regulations on ballot drop boxes and ballot harvesting.

Today’s Democrats know they must cheat to win.

The Democrats took a private plane — something most of their constituents can only dream of.
The Democrats brought their own booze — another perk for the elitist lawmakers.
And the Democrats are all maskless — something every American must wear on the plane.

Where’re the masks, ladies?

Conservative Treehouse added:

We saw this exact same strategy play out in Wisconsin circa 2011 when the Democrats in state legislature fled the state to avoid showing up to a legislative session.  They left the state specifically to avoid state police arresting them and forcibly returning them to work.   This is how Democrats operate.

In Texas the milk-carton Democrats do not have the numbers to block legislation; however, they can deny a legislative quorum by not showing up to work.  The Democrats took buses to a private airport where they took private charter flights to Washington DC; all of their manipulative schemes paid for by Democrat activist groups.  The cases of beer on the seats is a nice touch.

Meanwhile, Texas citizens are paying taxes to fund the salaries of officials who refuse to come to work.

Texas TRIBUNE – […] “We are now taking the fight to our nation’s Capitol,” the Democrats said in their statement. “We are living on borrowed time in Texas.”

They appear to be very proud of themselves.

Of course, Texas officials could play hardball, but they won’t.

The Texas AG could issue subpoenas post them to each office-holder for 72 hrs, then the state governor Greg Abbott could issue XO arrest warrants for non-compliance.  It won’t happen because those running the state of Texas are purple, not red (it’s an open secret down there).  Texas is not as conservative as people think; exactly the opposite is true… just review their conduct during COVID.

Texas is to Republican as Republican is to Mitch McConnell.