Trump Battleground Glory

PUBLISHED: 6:01 PM 8 Nov 2019

Battleground States Are Nightmare For Dems, But Obama/Holder Scheme Thrives

Democrats have their schemes in place to re-draw the electorate so that all conservatives will be disenfranchised, but for the 2020 election, it appears they can’t do it in time.

This is their plan and they have the time they need to accomplish it, even when President Trump is reelected.

Eric Holder and Barack Obama have developed and executed a scheme to re-draw the American electorate so that all conservative voters will be disenfranchised.

And it worked in Virginia this week.

Basically, it involves targeting key districts in various states, like Virginia, and eliminating the GOP candidate using cash. Then, once both chambers of state congress and the governorship is controlled by democrats, they can dictate the States Supreme Court picks and load it with like-minded biased judges.

Once that happens, the gerrymandering will commence, which will ensure that large, democrat (slave) dependent voters cancel out the conservative rural majority, solidifying power and creating Venezuela-type crap-holes that will spread throughout the state.

However, there is something very worrying for democrats about 2020. Battleground state polling has shown something wonderful… that President Trump’s approval ratings in these key states is rising… big time.

Most assuredly that is because of the booming economy, job creation, and crack down on illegal criminal invasion of the country, but many people fear that even an election win in 2020 will not stop the democrat scheme to eliminate constitutional barriers to complete domination.

Townhall reported:

As of right now, Trump is going to win. He’s the incumbent with a booming economy and a weak 2020 Democratic field. It’s also a field that is pushing a radical left-wing agenda that even has ardent liberals a bit worried. Health care for illegal aliens and forced Medicare for All are some of the top issues being peddled by Democrats.

They’re also positions that are incredibly unpopular. Medicare for All will result in the destruction of 150 million private health care plans. And yes, sorry, Democrats, but you’re wrong; Americans do like their employee-based health care plans.

And do you know who else is impacted by this? Labor unions. Their health care plans are also targeted. For a party that had a solid advantage in handling health care, Democrats decided in a single cycle to toss that away.

Oh, and the tax increases that will come from this will be biblical. There’s no way middle-class taxes don’t go up. Liz Warren’s plan costs $52 trillion over the next ten years. If you think taxes won’t go up for everyone, then you’re on crack. And crack is whack.

The Democrats’ hatred of fracking is another issue that has battleground state voters wary of a party that is rapidly becoming a Leninist sideshow. We wrote about a General Motors worker who was worried over the 2020 Democratic agenda in that it reflects that this party does not connect with anyone who isn’t an overeducated snob.

There is nothing for working people in this agenda. And the polls now show it. In Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania, Trump has higher approval ratings now than on Election Day 2016. Our friends at Twitchy had the story. And the Cook Political Report pretty much offered the same warning to Democrats, who probably won’t listen because they’re a class of folks whose brain activity is less than that of someone who is in a persistent vegetative state (via CPR):

President Trump still has solid support among his base in this region. Most Republican voters approve of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president and large majorities approve of his approach on key national issues including more than nine in ten who approve of the way he is handling the nation’s economy. Most Republican and Republican-leaning voters (73%) also say they want President Trump to be the Republican Party’s nominee for the 2020 election while small shares of Trump voters (28%) can imagine a scenario in which he enacts a policy, or fails to enact a policy, that would result in them changing their vote choice.


Most swing voters in these states see bans on fracking, stopping detainments at the U.S. border, and Medicare-for-all as bad ideas. The poll also consistently finds that while Medicare-for-all has played a significant role in the 2020 Democratic primary debates, it is not the top health care issue for Democratic voters. Large shares of swing voters in Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin say stopping detainments at the U.S. border for people cross into the country illegally and a national Medicare-for-all plan are “bad ideas.” Swing voters are slightly more divided in their views of a ban on fracking with large shares of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin swing voters saying such a ban is a “bad idea” as do a slim majority in Michigan and half of Minnesota swing voters.

Trump job approval in Midwestern swing states (per Cook/KFF)

WI: 42%
MI: 41%
MN: 41%
PA: 39%

His favorability % in those same states on Election Night 2016? PA (42%), WI (35%); MN (35%); MI (39%).

— Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) November 7, 2019

Well, it seems like forced Medicare and now letting illegal aliens just run wild are viewed as “bad ideas.” That’s a real shocker. Yet, the other side of this is that in three projections by pollster Mark Zandi, Trump clinches at least 280 votes in the Electoral College.

That’s the ball game. And if Democrats nominate someone who wants to take 150 million health care plans away from people, go right ahead. It’ll be a landslide win for Trump and the biggest group therapy session in history for the Left.

Yes, the Electoral College is the key, which is why Holder and Obama, along with the elite left, are savagely working to implement their re-districting plot to remake America into a socialist slave state.

The only way this will be prevented is if EVERY American who is able to vote, registers and gets involved at the local level. Otherwise, we can trust in a Trump celebration for 2020, but afterward… get ready for the bread lines.