PUBLISHED: 6:52 PM 26 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 12:21 PM 1 Sep 2016

Battery Scam Costs Americans Billions

Top battery manufacturers have been making batteries that purposely wear out sooner

Cars, phones, remotes, smoke detectors and many more all require batteries. The average American house hold spends $140 on batteries each year. Now a breaking report by Reuters and AP is showing that we are paying far more then we have to.

Large battery manufacturers have been making batteries that can easily last for 3-4 times as long as they currently do. Built in “fail” switches have been found; designed to make the battery stop working for no particular reasons.

This was discovered when one man recently found out about these “switches” and what the general public can do. Following his instructions you can take otherwise “dead” batteries and “turn them back on”. Many people have started collecting thrown out batteries and after this quick fix can sell them for profit.

Learn this trick to “turn back on” a dead battery in the video below

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Government Action Is Underway

Currently the government is not investigating at least 4 large manufactors. But it will no doubt take years before any meaningful change happens. These battery companies make billions of dollars extra profit per year off this. Plenty to pay for a few lobbyist to keep things this way.

The average Americans best bet is to learn the secrets they don’t want to you in this video. If everyone knows how to “turn back on” dead batteries then the American public can put an end to this

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