“Millennial” Tweet Outrages

PUBLISHED: 10:31 PM 13 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 10:56 PM 13 Jul 2018

Baseball Team Sparks Outrage With Hilarious Tweets Directed At Millennials

They announced that they will be hosting a “Millennial friendly” event complete with participation ribbons, encouraged napping, and selfie stations.

The Montgomery Biscuits baseball team recently outraged numerous millennials with a hilarious tweet about a “Millennial-friendly” event they have scheduled (pictured above).

Just recently, the Montgomery Biscuits baseball team, which is a Double-A minor league affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays, a professional baseball team, caused a massive amount of millennial outrage by announcing that they will be hosting a “Millennial-friendly” night-time promo event during their upcoming game later this month in Montgomery, Alabama.

Apparently, this means that they will, quite hilariously, be giving away participation ribbons and that they’ll also have selfie stations and places to nap during their game against the other team. What’s more, following the backlash, the baseball team doubled down and continued to make mock them with a hilarious “offended” post.  

“Want free things without doing much work? Well [sic] you’re in luck!” stated the Biscuits in their initial Twitter post about the event, before adding, “Riverwalk Stadium will be Millennial friendly [sic] on Saturday, July 21st with a participation ribbon giveaway just for showing up, napping and selfie stations, along with lots of avocados.”

As would be expected, their joke sparked a massive amount of liberal outrage. One user, for instance, replied, “coming early August: Boomer night, where proof of a high school diploma wins you a high paying job, and arts and crafts tables will be available for you to burn down a diorama of the U.S. economy while complaining about entitlement.”

Another user tweeted, “y’all should do a ‘Boomer Night’ where the price of admission and all concessions are deferred to the patrons of the next 3 games.”

A third user added, “riiiiight. Because the best way to drum up business is to ostracize an entire demographic. Say it louder for the people in the back: Brands should stop trying to be funny.”

A fourth user noted, “well, no longer a fan of the Biscuits. Hope it was worth the played-out, inaccurate joke.”

Upon seeing all the outrage, however, the Biscuits refused to back down. Instead, they actually made a mockery out of their outrage with a follow-up tweet, which stated, “offended? Feel free to fight your battles IRL and visit us at Riverwalk Stadium. Any millennials that actually come by during office hours before next Saturday and submits a valid complaint in person to our ‘Millennial Night Thinktank’ may get a free ticket or two!”

This was understandably met with further outrage. For example, one user tweeted, “insulting the people you are advertising to.”

And a second user added, “shame on you for stereotyping and insulting an entire group of people (a group of people that stimulates the economy & supports your games, by the way). No longer a fan. I thought you guys were better than this. I’m so disappointed.”

Unfortunately, this type of misguided outrage is not very surprising due to the fact that many on the left, especially the millennials, regularly become enraged for utterly absurd reasons.

Earlier this year, for instance, a large mob of LGBTQ activists gathered outside of St. Pius V Church, which is a Catholic Church in Providence, Rhode Island, and engaged in a ludicrous protest against Dr. Michelle Cretella, the president of the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds), who was speaking there as part of an event.

Apparently, they attacked were outraged simply because she’s made it clear that she’s opposed to having children undergo gender transition therapy due to the fact that science has basically proven it’s a form of child abuse.

Specifically, their outrage is terribly misguided because there are numerous other experts, like Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, who also believe that those who intentionally confuse a child’s natural instincts about gender and sexuality, as well as advocate for things like sexual reassignment surgery, are actively collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

And prior to that, there was a massive amount of misguided outrage directed at a high school in Georgia for reportedly informing two gay students that they would not be able to win this year’s prom court as a couple due to the fact that the “school rules require a king and a queen, not a king and a king.”

In fact, there was so much outrage that an online petition demanding that they change their rules received hundred of signatures shortly after being created.

Sadly, though instead of doubling down like the Biscuits did with their follow-up tweet, the school mentioned that they’re open to completely changing the rules in the future so that gay couples have a chance to win.

And just before that, a high-school in Texas also decided to cave into the liberal agenda instead of standing their ground. Specifically, shortly after the violence that erupted in Charlottesville last year and the subsequence leftist calls to ban Confederate imagery, the North East ISD board of trustees “voted to re-imagine their campus named for Confederate General Robert E. Lee with a more welcoming 21st Century moniker.”

As a consequence, the students attending the what was formerly known as Robert E. Lee High School were able to later vote to replace their campus logo, which was a “cartoon Confederate soldier bearing the signature red and gray campus colors,” with an image of a service dog. Alarmingly, these changes will waste a total of roughly $300,000 dollars.

Additionally, numerous outraged leftists are also actively going after statues of renowned Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi. In Canada, for instance, Kenneth Aliu, who is an African studies student and the current president of Carleton’s African Studies Student Association, and other liberal students at Carleton University have been pushing to remove their statue of Gandhi from campus grounds. Apparently, they want to get rid of the statue because, according to them, he’s a racist misogynist.

Deranged leftists have also been targeting statues of Christopher Columbus. For example, earlier this year, the San Jose City Council in California caved in the liberal pressure and voted to get rid of a statue of Christopher Columbus that they had outside of City Hall.

Without a doubt, recreational outrage is becoming increasingly embraced by millennials and other leftists. To counteract this, conservatives should make it clear that they do not take their lunacy seriously. Hopefully, by doing so, some on the left will come to their senses and put an end to the recreational outrage or abandon the left altogether.