Bomb Making Book Free

PUBLISHED: 12:57 AM 27 Jan 2018

Barnes And Noble Offers Free Jihadi Downloads, Bomb Making Instructions Included

They Have Published This On Their Site As A Free Download

People were reading more than books at this Barnes & Noble.

A shocking ebook sat in plain sight on the website of Barnes & Noble. This free download was tied to the Boston Marathon bombings and served as a guide for want to be jihads.

The intent of the online magazine was also obvious as it offered step by step instructions for some pretty terrifying activities like bomb-making. It is not far reaching to suspect that the bombs built to explode in Boston could be tied to these guidelines.

All of the materials were marked as being sponsored by Al-Qaeda. The magazine was called Inspire, and the chilling subtitle for the listing shared “…Al-Malahem Media Foundation presents A Special Gift to the Islamic Nation The first Magazine issued by al-Qaida in the English language.”

The first issue of Inspire was put online in 2010. The reviews of the materials on the website show that the book was available for free download for at least six years.

There was no effort to hide the topics contained in the materials either. In one column, called the “AQ Chef,” a writer walks readers through the process of putting together a bomb with household items.

This bomb-making article was not written in code, it was to the point and included clear pictures. The translated title of the article was “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom.”

This bomb-making write up spurred many more copycat description of terrorist activities. They started a trend that pushed many to write bigger and better articles covering basic do it yourself instructions for all sorts of things.

While the original magazine was not in English, there was a translated version readily available for download. This was not a case of the materials being hidden in some obscure language either.

There was nothing sneaky or hidden about these downloads. They were linked to a terrorist group and illegal activities.

While Barnes & Noble does allow users to self-publish ebook for distribution, it seems out of line to not have some sort of screening process or controls over the content.

In this case, the system allowed a very dangerous group to share their materials with a worldwide market. In at least one case the magazine had a direct tie to a deadly attack.

Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found to have three copies of the download on his computer. This included the instructions for bomb-making.

Tsarnaev and his brother transported pressure cooker bombs to the course of the Boston Marathon. These weapons were made with household items that were readily available.

Al-Qaeda, at one point in the article, advised that using a pressure cooker instead of a pipe for the bomb was “…the most effective method.”

It hardly seems like much of a stretch to assume the magazine could have played a role in the bombing. The guide made it simple to use items like sugar, matches, and other kitchen staples as a weapon.

The guide also walked new jihadists through the process of wiring up the timing device on the bomb. There was also a part about loading shrapnel to make sure there were as many deaths and injuries as possible.

Overall, the first edition of Inspire contained 65 pages. Other articles pointed to the brotherhood created by the jihad as they link together worldwide.

The magazine also made it clear that any efforts to perform terrorist attacks via the instructions were supported by the larger organization. This included articles that shared the satisfaction and support of other terrorists as they shared “…having a friend makes a difference.”

The ebook also gave a platform to a martyr in the form of dead American al-Qaeda recruiter, Anwar al-Awlaki. He shared a direct call to action for his Muslim brothers in America.

The magazine not only described in great detail how to make the bombs but also apparently made a point of recruiting terror support via the online market. It was marketed to people who wanted to support the efforts of Al-Qaeda without ever leaving their homes.

The Boston Bombers were this type of recruits. They were looking to make a statement from their home turf and not travel overseas to participate in the all-out war against America. They were able to do so via a homemade bomb.

A final piece of the Inspire magazine shared that the materials were created for one specific purpose. According to the magazine:

“We are conveying to you our military training right into your kitchen to relieve you of the difficulty of traveling to us. In one or two days the bomb could be ready to kill at least ten people. In a month you may make a bigger and more lethal bomb that could kill tens of people.”

After the news about the ebook being readily available for download via Barnes & Noble went public, the company did, in fact, remove the content. It is not clear how many times the free materials were already downloaded or how many copies are still active.