PUBLISHED: 11:25 PM 9 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 11:36 PM 9 Jan 2018

JUST IN: Bannon Resigns, Breitbart Claims “Smooth And Orderly” Transition

Bannon (pictured) is seeing everything that he earned fall apart as his lies are undoing it all.

Bannon (pictured) is seeing everything that he earned fall apart as his lies are undoing it all.

Everyone knew that when Steve Bannon starting making claims that were absurdly false against President Donald Trump, his career was as good as over. Once a newsman has lost his credibility, he has nothing left. Even the Democrats have proven some of Bannon’s claims are wrong. Among his other false declarations, Bannon had said that Trump did not really wish to be president, a fact that most Democrats have said in their own words was a major driving force behind him (they blamed his ego)!

Well, it seems that Steve Bannon’s career is just as dead as many Trump supporters suspected it to be. ABC has reported that “Steve Bannon has stepped down from his role as the head of Breitbart News Network.” It is clear that Breitbart cares about their good name more than the lies peddled by Bannon.

We know that he served as “executive chairman since 2012, taking a break in 2016 and 2017 to” help Trump win the election. After that, he served on the White House staff and was welcomed back to Breitbart after he left D.C.

Bannon has said that Trump did not wish to be president, a fact easily dispelled by evidence.

The news site said that they are “proud of what the Breitbart team has accomplished in so short a period of time in building out a world-class news platform” in a statement.

The statement also says that Bannon will be “a smooth and orderly transition. ” Likewise, Breitbart CEO Larry Solov “praised Bannon,” and called him “a valued part of our legacy.”

While such happy language may all work to gloss over the reality, the truth is that Bannon has lost his credibility, a death sentence in the media.

Had he been neutered, had his eyes plucked out, and been fed a diet of gravel, it would have been better than what he did by losing his honesty.

Trump has watched many of his enemies do themselves in without him having to do anything at all.

Hopefully, this will be a lesson to others because, as many a right-leaning pundit will attest to, Bannon has our respect for years.

He lost it overnight.

Source: ABC News