PUBLISHED: 4:13 PM 9 Jan 2018

JUST IN: Baltimore Democrat CAUGHT Red Handed, Scheme Exposed As Liberals Make Demands

Another Democrat exposed for crime and corruption.

Between multiple investigations into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her emails and “pay-to-play” and several top Democrats being exposed for sexual misconduct, liberals are already having a rough year.

And it’s about to get much worse, as another top Democrat has been caught and exposed in a “pay-for-play” scandal of his own, and this one is already heading to trail.

Maryland State Sen. Nathaniel Oaks, D-Baltimore, confessed to accepting cash payments from an undercover FBI agent in exchange for favorable legislation.

Despite confessing to accepting a bribe, Oaks has pleaded not guilty and claims he won’t resign from his post, and will remain in his seat until his trial in mid-April.

Court documents reveal that Oaks accepted $15,300 in bribes from an FBI agent that he believed was a Texas businessman name Mike Henley.

The FBI has Oaks dead to rights with this case.

The FBI agent pretended that he needed Oaks to help him get a building developed quickly outside of Oaks’ district, and the state senator filed official paperwork on “Henley’s” behalf using his own letterhead from his office.

When Oaks went to a Baltimore hotel to meet with “Henley,” he was approached by the FBI, who confronted Oaks about the recorded conversations they had of him taking cash payments to help advance the building development.

Oaks agreed to cooperate with the FBI, and said he would expose others he worked with to help with the deal. Oaks then wore a recording device and “recorded himself accepting a $2,600 cash payment from an FBI target,” known as “Person #1” in March 2017, according to court documents.

Oaks apparently “told the target he would talk to legislators about a bill favorable to the bail-bond industry,” but Oaks tried to tip off one of the FBI suspects.

“But in subsequent encounters, at a St. Patrick’s Day party at an Annapolis bar and separately before a caucus meeting, Oaks told the FBI target: ‘I’m going to ask you for something. Just say no,’” Oaks said to “Person #1,” per court documents.

Oaks will be lucky to avoid jail time for these crimes.

Despite his failed attempt to tip off another FBI suspect, Oaks was indicted for wire fraud in April 2017, and was later charged with obstruction of justice for trying to warn his friend that he was wearing a wire.

Since Oaks’ most recent charges were made public, Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan is demanding that the Baltimore Democrat vacate his seat. Fellow liberals, however, want him to remain in office.

“No question he should be removed from office,” Hogan said.

Many agree, as yet another Democrat has been exposed for lying, corruption, and bribery.

Source: Conservative Institute