Baltimore Declares Ceasefire

PUBLISHED: 9:02 PM 13 Feb 2018

Baltimore Breaks 3 Year Streak, 12 Days Without A Homicide

To clarify, people have been shot so the ceasefire is a failure.

Mayor Pugh (pictured) has done a terrible job at her post.

Twelve days is less than two weeks. There is more rest time between the regular football season and the Super Bowl than 12 measly days, yet don’t downplay that number to anyone in Baltimore. This murder haven is ready to celebrate this fat Tuesday for reasons which have nothing to do with Mardi Gra as a milestone has been reached.

The Baltimore Sun confirms that “Baltimore went 12 days without a homicide this month” and this is “the longest since the 2015 unrest that saw a sharp and sustained spike in violence.” As Mayor Pugh suffers seeing her leadership fail in ways that no one could have predicted (even for a Democrat), this is solid news. Those seeing the decline have begun staying up late and actually praying that no one dies.

We are told that this lack of killing is working in tandem with “a 72-hour community-led ‘ceasefire’ that kicked off Feb. 2.” Things are so bad in this liberal hellhole that terms used in warfare now apply to life there.

I am losing my mind thrilled,” admitted Baltimore Ceasefire organizer Erricka Bridgeford. While the leadership of the city doing backflips over this is a sad statement, this organizer does certainly deserve her community’s gratitude. At least something worked, after all. She has been staying up until midnight each day to see if they made it without someone killing someone else.

It’s really exciting,” she gushed. “Baltimore deserves this boost of love.

Bridgeford feels that it is not just her ceasefire that is working, but the work put in by everyone. It is because of “everything that everyone is doing. Everything … is paying off,” she added.

These 12 days of peace were not a real win, however. Shots were fired at her stepson just yesterday, so technically speaking, someone did try and kill someone even during these blessed days! “I’m praying that nobodym[sic] dead,” the organizer stated.

If liberalism really worked, would we be seeing this in Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, and Chicago? Perhaps the precepts of the Constitution are far more useful than 2018 liberal policies.

Maybe a good dose of God in the public schools would do far more to stop killings than a ceasefire from a leadership that thugs don’t respect, to begin with. There is a better than average chance that most gangbangers have not even heard about the supposed laying down of arms.

What is needed is a different approach. If Maryland cannot get that, we will be counting peace by the minute instead of days before long.

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